The Bat of Gotham, The Dark Knight. Whatever the name you wanna call him with, there is one thing that we can all agree upon unanimously – Batman is the most badass superhero in the history of comics. Sure, he is not as powerful as Superman, Green Lantern or even the Flash. But when it comes to taking down enemies, his superior detective skills combined with awesome high-tech gadgets and mastery in almost every ancient fighting technique gives him an edge over the others. Don’t believe me? Well, once Legion of Doom headed by Vandal Savage took down entire Justice League using plans concocted by Batman himself. If you are surprised with above fact, then wait, we have more for you. We bring you 10 Amazing Batman facts even hardcore fans don’t know.

1. The original adventures of Batman took place in New York City. Writer Bill Finger got the name Gotham from a store named ‘Gotham Jewelers’ in a phone book.


2. The initial Batman stories were especially violent. Batman had no compunction about carrying a gun or killing his foes.


3. In one series of Batman comics, Bruce Wayne married Catwoman. Their daughter Helena Wayne grew up to be the Huntress.


4. There was a unit of mass named batman, equal to roughly 16lbs. It was later divided into two units, the great batman’ and the ‘lesser batman’



5. Bruce Wayne is named after Scottish hero Robert the Bruce and American Revolutionary hero Mad Anthony Wayne (who turns out to be an ancestor of Batman’s, according to the comics).


6. The famous Arkham Asylum from Batman lore is actually a real mental asylum based on Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts. 


7. The first time Batman appeared in a live-action movie was in 1964’s Batman Dracula directed by Andy Warhol without any permission from Warner Bros.


8. In a limited series crossover published by both DC and Marvel comics, Batman and Wolverine were merged into one character called Dark Claw.


9. Harley Quinn, wise version of Alfred Pennyworth, Terry McGinnis and the Bat-Cave – What do they all have in common? They all originated from TV – series, and movies.


10. In the comics, Batman has an online alias. It’s JonDoe297.


So people, how many of these facts you knew? Did we miss any other amazing Batman facts? Comment below, let us know! Meanwhile, check out our similar article on Superman given below –

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