The world is a cruel, cruel place. Every time on the news we see death and destruction in such a grand scale it makes us shudder. Sometimes it makes us think whether Humanity is worth it. What the news outlets wont show you is that the world isn’t always big, bad and ugly. Sometimes there are ‘incidents’. Incidents that speak volumes of the good in the people around us. Here at Xtrascoop, we bring you some amazing real life stories to restore your faith in humanity.


10. The Yakuza provided food and water to the people of Tokyo after a devastating earthquake

Japan isn’t sitting on a bed of roses. Its history has always been rocked by a relentless series of calamities – both natural and manmade. One such incident happened in 2011 when Japan was hit by a massive earthquake leaving a lot of people stranded in the middle of nowhere. And in all that chaos, the people found an unlikely savior – The Yakuza, Japan’s infamous and largest crime syndicate.

According to sources, the Yakuza responded so quickly they even beat the government response time. Dispatching tons of cargo to worst hit areas, the Yakuza saved hundreds, maybe thousands of people. They even opened their doors to foreigners, a move unheard of in an organization still considered as right wing and hostile to immigrants.

Make no Mistake; the Yakuza are still criminals of the highest order. But the fact that criminals helped the public get back on its feet while never demanding recognition for their kindness speaks volumes. Respect is earned and there’s a reason the Japanese police still respects the Yakuza.

9. A Nazi guard fell in love with a jewish prisoner and saved her from a concentration camp

When you hear concentration camps, the first thing that comes to mind is the eerie Auschwitz. The camp killed millions of Jews in the name of the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. At its peak, it was the closest thing to hell. But in the hellish firepits of Auschwitz grew a love story –  that of Franz Wunsch and Helena Citronova.

Helena was Jewish by birth and Franz was a Nazi. They first met when Helena sang on Franz’s birthday party in the Camp. After falling in love at first sight, Franz saved Helena from the gas chamber by telling the others she worked for him. He even saved Helena’s sister Rozinka from being sent to the Gas Chamber. Reluctant at first, Helena too found herself falling for Franz. Their romance continued until the end of WW 2 after which they got separated.

And like a fairy tale reunion, when Franz was put on trial for war crimes it was Helena who came to his rescue. She testified how he helped her through the toughest time of her life and in return Franz declared Helena helped him get new perspective on life and humanity. Helena died in 2005 and Franz breathed his last in 2009.

8. Micheal Cicconetti – The Judge who gives out hilarious punishments

Micheal Cicconeeti is called the creative judge. Not because he paints or does clay sculptures. For Cicconetti, justice is best served cold and unconventional. Micheal Cicconetti is renowned for giving out innovative and unusual punishments for criminal offences.

Several such incidents confirm his unorthodox ways. When young Victoria Bascom didn’t pay her cab driver for a 30 mile ride, Cicconetti gave her two choices – walk the same 30 miles or sit her ass in prison for 30 days. He once made a man wear a chicken suit because he harassed a prostitute. From making a woman get pepper sprayed on her face for misdemeanor to making a guy wear a signboard reading “I killed a child while drunk”, this weirdo judge has done it all.

My personal favorite – Ordering a woman to spend a night alone out in the cold to pay for her crime of leaving 33 kittens out in the winter nine among which, died. How’s that PETA !?!?!

7. The Californian ‘Right to Rescue Act’ allows you to break into a car and save a dog without fear of prosecution

Humans have always found a friend in canines. Their loyalty has won them love and recognition. People trust dogs more than they trust President Trump nowadays. But not all men are the same. Some are absolute monsters. Monsters who leave their pets in a car under the sun where most of them suffocate to death.

Well no more!! The State of California has passed a law that allows people to rescue pets from these furnaces without being afraid of legal proceedings against them. As long as the rescuer sticks around to give a police statement, the car owner has no power to sue him. After a string of related pet deaths across the States, the so called Right to Rescue Act was passed in California to help good Samaritans from being prosecuted.

The states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont, Tennessee and Florida already have a law in place while in Michigan, such pet deaths might soon become a punishable offence.

6. During WW 2, a USAF bomber too damaged to fight back was escorted by a Luftwaffe bomber back to Britain

World War 2 showed the worst of humanity to the world. Millions died in a war with so pointless and inaccurate reasons that half a decade later it still makes people shrug. However, once in a while we hear a news amidst the chaos that makes us rethink our stance. I give you the Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler Incident.

On a routine bombing mission, the USAF B17 bomber dubbed ‘Ye Old Pub’ sustained heavy anti-aircraft fire. When left behind after losing altitude, her entire nose cone and most of her engines, the bomber was limping a mere 1000 feet above the ground when German fighter ace Franz Stigler intercepted it. But instead of shooting down the aircraft that had taken out two of his own, Stigler took pity on its sorry state and kept his distance while preventing other aircrafts from taking the bomber out.

The plane (crash)landed back on British soil. Surrounded by allies, the pilot Charlie Brown narrated how he had just made a friend out of an enemy who could have just as easily killed him. Charlie and Franz became best friends after the war.

5. Bhutanese Constitution makes it mandatory for at least 60% of the country to be under forest cover at all times

Bhutan is like a paradise on Earth. For a long time, it has been ranked first in the Global Happiness Index. A position it managed to secure during times when even Television and Internet were banned to the general populace. And to add another feather to its cap, Bhutanese law is ridiculously eco friendly.

Bhutan is home to more than half of all protected land found in Asia. Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, Black Cranes – species that are under critical threat of extinction elsewhere roam freely and safely in Bhutan. The Bhutanese people have a healthy philosophy – sustainable lifestyle in a nourishing environment.

The laws of Bhutan aren’t just beneficial to her own people. Free flowing Rivers through these 5 million acres of protected land provide freshwater to millions of people living in neighboring countries. Its laws have also added to Bhutan’s GDP via the thriving industry of Eco-tourism.

4. There’s a Biker Gang in Arizona that protects child abuse victims from their abusers

Biker Gangs have been historically associated with crimes and are generally considered a threat to public peace and Safety. Long bearded white men, wearing leather jackets, riding cool skull marked bikes and occasionally racist, there’s a reason there are so many clichés about them.

Enter B.A.C.A – Bikers Against Child Abuse. This group goes against everything you thought you knew about Biker Groups. BACA garnered widespread recognition when they provided 24/7 protection to a child abuse victim after his abuser – Johnell Carter escaped custody. There have been several such instances when the group has helped children all over the state feel safe while would-be-accusers stood trial.

Founded by John Paul Lilly, a social worker and play therapist, BACA has its own website to promote their noble cause. They believe in one single motto – End child abuse by working within the law. They do not support or claim to conduct Vigilante Justice. But in a world this dark and cruel, would it be wrong if we expect them to?

3. A millionaire in Maryland dresses up as batman to cheer up sick children in hospitals

Mandela, Teresa, Martin Luther King, Gandhi – all these people are well known for their extra-ordinary contributions to end human suffering. They dedicated their lives to mankind in a way not even thought possible and etched their names in our hearts as Humanity’s Greatest. But how many of you have heard of the name Leonard Robinson??

51 year old Leonard is not a doctor or a Civil Rights activist. He was a millionaire owner of a successful appliance repair business. Where many would have stopped to enjoy their fruits of labor, Leonard didn’t. He decided to give back. First masquerading as his son’s favorite superhero, he realized the smile his cosplay brought on his son’s face and started visiting hospitals soon after. Leonard spent his own money to make his own custom made batsuit and his own personal Batmobile (Yes you heard right!!) .

He gained international attention (and sadly, ridicule) when a police dash cam caught him being pulled over for a speeding violation. His reason? He was getting late for a birthday party being held at a children’s Cancer Hospital. Unfortunately, good souls seldom live long. This awesome guy met his demise on his way to another party. He was hit by a car while checking the engine of his batmobile after it broke down in the middle of the highway.

2. After being caught for vandalizing, Vin Diesel was instead offered a role in a play jump starting his career

Vin Diesel is Hollwood’s sole surviving muscle man. The quintessential action hero is most associated with fast cars and wacky stunts. The leading face of the Fast & Furious movies along with several other successful franchises like XXX and Riddick, Vin is at the very epitome of success that few can possibly hope to achieve.  Yet many don’t  know the true origins of Hollywood’s favorite entertainer.

It might be hard for many to believe but our beloved Dominic Torreto once used to be a delinquent who could have easily ended up in jail and a life of crime hadn’t it been for a woman name Crystal Field. At age 7, Diesel was caught breaking into New York’s Greenwich Village theater along with his brother and friends. The security was going to hand them over to the cops after which Diesel would have most probably ended up in juvenile prison –  the birthing grounds of all future criminals of American society. Lucky For Vin, Crystal Field, the then artistic director, was present at the scene.

A forgiving woman, Field took pity on the group and offered the entire lot parts in her upcoming play – Dinosaur Doors. Acting in this play for a measly 20$, Vin found his true calling as an actor and left his days as a lawbreaker behind to become the man he is today. Now that is a true Rags to Riches story to inspire people.

1. French Resistance cut off Eiffel Tower’s Elevator Cables to force Hitler to take the stairs

The world has seen two World Wars. Millions have perished. The first one gave birth to the infamous Great Depression while the other one led to the nuking of Hiroshima-Nagasaki. The allies won each time but seldom has a country on the winning side bore the brunt of enemy attacks in a way France has. Yet the way they persevere in the face of the enemy is brilliant to say the least

While the Germans couldn’t have Paris the first time, they knocked over the French and found what they were looking for on their second try. Their historic enemy – the French lay conquered and beaten. To celebrate their victory, Hitler visited Paris to have a look at the now Nazi city. He was in for one hell of a surprise.

What the skunk eyed fuehrer wanted to visit the most was the Eiffel Tower. The famous marvel of the world was France’s greatest treasure. Hitler was already too damn impressed with Paris and its wondrous architecture. They say the view of Paris from the Eiffel tower is even more magnificent. Sadly, he never got to see it. The famed French Resistance decided to show Hitler the finger by cutting off the lift cables and disabling it. So the only way to get to the top was by climbing about 1,712 stairs and Hitler was no athlete. His dream of watching Paris from the tower stayed a distant dream for the rest of his life.

French Resistance-1, Nazi- germany-0 😉