Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick have never won an Oscar. While Alfred Hitchcock has made some of the best murder-thrillers of all time, Stanley Kubrick has made some of the unique conceptual movies. Their movies are some of Hollywood’s greatest contributions to the World of Cinema and it is truly sad that both, now deceased, have never won an Oscar. On the other hand, there are still breathing filmmakers out there who deserve the Oscar for their cinematic beauties. It is wrong to point one should have won it for that particular movie in that year, as there was probably a better-directed movie the same year. For example, Paul Thomas Anderson lost the Oscar to the Coen Brothers in 2008, but that doesn’t make him not deserving. It just proves that he had a better contender that particular year. The list made below, comprised of directors whom I feel are deserving and is in the order of the number of nominations that they have gotten so far.

10. Christopher Nolan

The visionary of the decade has not been nominated even once for the Best Director Oscar but is a truly deserving candidate. The Inception director is known for his ability to involve his audience in the grandness of his cinematic world. His next project Dunkirk, starring Tom Hardy is a war thriller, ready to hit screens this July.


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9. Richard Linklater

Famous for the Before Trilogy, Richard Linklater is known for his unique taking when it comes to conversational filming. The director has been nominated once so far, for Boyhood (in 2015). His next movie Last Flag Flying is yet to release this year.

richard linklater

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8. Darren Aronofsky

This cinematic genius has made some of the most intense psychological thrillers of all time. The Pi director has been nominated once, for Black Swan (in 2011). His next project Mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is slated for release this year.


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7. Wes Anderson 

This artistic genius is known for the color palette in his movies. Truly a pleasant beauty to watch, one can deduce whether a scene is tensed or exciting from the color composition in his frames. The director has been nominated once, for The Grand Budapest Hotel (in 2015). His next project, Isle Of Dogs is rumored to hit screens next year.


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6. Paul Thomas Anderson 

The director is known for his movies ranging over a wide range of human emotions. His masterpiece, ‘There Will Be Blood’ is a cinematic beauty which deals with the most raw form of human behavior. The movie gave him his first and only nomination so far, in 2008. His next project, Phantom Thread is slated for a Christmas release. Starring three time academy award winner Daniel Day Lewis, it is going to be the actor’s last project before retirement.


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5. Terrence Malick

While his experimental musical drama ‘Song to Song’ didn’t fare so well this year, the director is an exceptional intellectual when it comes to filmmaking. His movie ‘The Tree Of Life‘ has been favored by famed critic Roger Ebert himself. The director has been nominated for the Oscar twice, for The Thin Red Line(in 1999) and The Tree Of Life (in 2011).


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4. David Fincher

Known for his films dark composition, almost every movie of this filmmaker is a conceptual thriller bound to give you goosebumps at times. His most prestigious project ‘Fight Club’ is a visual dark beauty with a jaw-dropping ending and is one among the list of top ten greatest movies made, on IMDb. The director has been nominated for the Oscar twice so far, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (in 2009) and The Social Network (in 2011).


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3. Quentin Tarantino

This cinematic genius known for his non-linear style of chapter wise storytelling is my personal favorite. Quentin has won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay twice but is yet to win for Best Director. His idea of adding the most basic concept that humans make mistakes, make his movies unforgettable, funny and unique. His most acclaimed project ‘Pulp Fiction’ , a hilarious crime drama revolving around different lives, is also among the IMDb top 10. He has been nominated for the Oscar twice, for Pulp Fiction (in 1995) and Inglorious Bastards (in 2010). His untitled next project with Travolta is to hit screen next year.


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2. Ridley Scott 

Known for making some of the greatest science-fictions of all time, the Martian director has made movies with a wide range of concepts. The famed Alien series was started by him. Even the recent installation of the series, ‘Alien: Covenant’ was directed by him but didn’t fare well among fans. However, His most renowned work has to be the historic-beauty ‘Gladiator‘, starring Russel Crowe. The director has been nominated for the Oscar thrice, for Thelma and Louise (in 1992), Gladiator (in 2001) and Black Hawk Down (in 2002).


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1. David Lynch

One of the greatest filmmakers Hollywood has ever produced, this director’s ‘Mulholland Drive‘ is considered to be the century’s greatest mystery-thriller so far. His movies are artistic and thought-provoking, leaving you thinking about them even after they’ve ended. The director has been nominated for the Oscar thrice, for The Elephant Man (in 1981), Blue Velvet (in 1987) and Mulholland Drive(in 2001).


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