Short Films have always been the medium adopted by filmmakers as a path to recognition. From 1951 to present day, we at Xtrascoop bring to you the ten best short films made by Hollywood’s greatest minds. While some of them were their first directorial ventures to launch their careers, others were made by the already-famed on an entertainment basis.

Kubrick’s ‘Day of the Fight’ (1951)

The first picture directed by Stanley Kubrick, this 12 min black-white short is a documentary. Kubrick financed the film himself. Narrated by Douglas Edwards, it follows into the day of an Irish middleweight boxer named Walter Cartier.

Nolan’s ‘Doodlebug’ (1997)

Christopher Nolan’s first project Doodlebug is a 3-min psychological thriller that has its own small twist. Just set in one room, this silent short is about a man who goes about trying to stomp something.

Wes’s ‘Come Together’ (2017)

Wes Anderson’s Come Together is a colorful 4-min short film about lonely passenger traveling on a train to meet their loved ones for Christmas but get delayed due to bad weather. The short stars Adrien Brody playing the train conductor and is really pleasant to watch.

Scorsese’s ‘The Audition’ (2015)

Marty’s The Audition is every Scorsese fan’s dream come true. Starring Brad Pitt, Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leo Di Caprio as themselves, this 16 min short is hilarious. The movie is about both actors competing for the same role and how Marty eventually ends up discovering Pitt for it.

Coen Brother’s ‘World Cinema’ (2007)

Ethan and Joel Coen’s World Cinema is a 3-min short film starring Josh Brolin. Shot in 2007 during the shooting of No Country Of Old Men, Josh plays the same character in the short that he is in the movie. Simple and funny, it’s about a cowboy who walks into a theater, doubtful about what to watch.

PTA’s ‘Cigarettes and Coffee’ (1993)

Shot on a borrowed camera, Paul Thomas Anderson’s first project ‘Cigarettes and Coffee’ is about five lives that are connected by a 20 dollar bill. This 24-min short, starring Phillip Baker Hall, launched PTA’s career in Hollywood.

Burton’s ‘Vincent’ (1982)

Tim Burton’s Vincent is a 6-min black-white short horror and animated movie. Narrated by Vincent Price, this short is about a person named Vincent who dreams of becoming an actor like Vincent Price and gets lost in those dreams.

Rodriguez’s ‘Bedhead’ (1991)

Robert Rodriguez’s Bedhead is an 8 min black-white short that he made while he was a student. The movie about two rival sibling whose mischief gets real when psychic powers are thrown into the mix.

Spielberg’s ‘Escape To Nowhere’ (1961)

Steven Spielberg’s Escape Into Nowhere is a war short film about a woman who dresses up as a man to go fight in the World War. While the original is 40-min long, this is the most you will find of the movie today.

Tarantino’s ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ (1987)

Quentin Tarantino’s My Best Friend’s Birthday is actually a 69 min short but only 36 min of it remains. The rest got destroyed in a lab fire that broke out during editing. The movie is about Mickey whose girlfriend leaves him on his birthday, so his best friend Clarence decides to give him something that he’d never forget.