The Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel’s statement of India being “too poor”ย to seriously consider expanding its user base has received huge backlash from Indian customers. Indian twitteratis have been merciless in trolling Snapchat and its CEO. So, we bring you 10 hilarious tweets on Snapchat CEO that will leave youย rolling on floor laughing. And as it is a tradition on Xtrascoop, we bring you these tweets in FRIENDS style.

1.ย The One With IPL

2. The One With Swiss Bank

3. The One With Kejriwal’s Invitation

4. The One With Black Money

5. The One With Reality

6. The One With Spiegel Himself…sort of!

7. The One With Smoking Habit

8. The One With the Queue

9. The One With Diwali

10. The One With James Bond