2018 is going to be Hollywood’s year of superheroes. With Black Panther lurking over the horizon, and Avengers: Infinity War coming a few months later, and Ant Man and the Wasp hitting theaters soon after, the MCU is leaving no stone unturned at the Box Office. The DCEU will also be in the race with Aquaman. Several dark horses are also in the fray like X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants – both have a stellar cast and the potential to become a blockbuster.

But what makes a superhero a superhero? Is it the superpowers? Or is it the costume? A Superhero is only as good as the Supervillain. And we are gonna have plenty of those this year. Xtrascoop presents the 10 incredible comic book supervillains coming to theaters in 2018.

Thanos – Infinity War

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The Big Bad old is going to huff and puff the MCU away. Played by Josh Brolin, Thanos will come to Earth looking for his precious Infinity Stones. The Avengers need to be very scared.

Erik Killmonger – Black Panther

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With the talented Michael B. Jordan essaying the role, expect a lot of fireworks. Erik Killmonger is an exiled Wakandan who also happens to be Ex-Military. He has come to Wakanda to exact revenge.

Dark Phoenix – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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No villain has had an impact as great as the eponymous Dark Phoenix. When Jean Grey loses control of her powers after a freak accident, a powerful psychic entity takes control of her body, releasing all sorts of cosmic mayhem.

Ghost – Ant Man and the Wasp

Photo: MCU

While not much is known about Ghost, the comic books do give us somewhat of a picture. In the comics, Ghost is an anti-corporate spy whose suit turns him intangible and invisible. The movie version is gender swapped but the powers are essentially the same.

Ocean Master – Aquaman

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Ocean Master is the jealous half brother of Aquaman who also happens to lust for the throne of Atlantis. This jealousy later turns him into one of Aquaman’s greatest foes. Patrick Wilson will portray Ocean Master aka Orm in the movie.

Demon Bear – New Mutants

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Demon Bear is an astral entity that feeds on people’s negative emotions. It made its first appearance in 1984, gravely injuring Daniel Moonstar, a powerful telepath and fellow X-Men member.

Klaw – Black Panther

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Andy Serkis plays Black Panther’s greatest enemy from the comic books in the upcoming movie. Serkis’ Klaue’s original intentions for starting a fight with Wakanda are not known. But don’t expect him to play nice.

Black Order – Infinity War

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Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight are Thanos’ Black Order. The Black Order acts as a group of generals for the Mad Titan and are his staunchest believers.

Black Manta – Aquaman

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Black Manta is an infamous treasure hunter who, in the comics, has killed Aquaman’s infant son and even cut of Arthur Curry’s right arm. Equipped with a high tech battle suit, Black Manta will be the big bad of the movie.

Smith – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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Jessica Chastain plays the mysterious character only known as ‘Smith’. While fans speculate that she will either play the Skrull Queen, or Lilandra or maybe even Deathbird, we are still not sure. All we know is that Chastain will play the antagonist in the movie.