There are people who have a vivid imagination. To fly among the clouds, amongst magical creatures and reveal the magic embodiments are few of the secret desires that books tend to carry us into, a totally different world to thrive in. This list of ten most undervalued fantasy books will give you a run for imaginary plots and magical twists.

10. Silverlock (John Myers Myers)

En voyage in Naglfar, a ship, the protagonist .A Clarence Shandon washes ashore after encountering a shipwreck. He lands upon a fictional island called the “Commonwealth of Letters”. There he meets Golias who he befriends and he thereby names him “Silverlock” . Furthermore he meets various character namesakes from literature, mythology and history in a unique journey to discover himself.

9. The Shaving Of Shagpat ( George Meredith)

A Persian Barber (Shibli Bagarag) and a sorceress (Noorna) were assigned with the duty of shaving the elongated beard of the king and tyrant Shagpat. It was rumoured that the King controlled the whole public of the kingdom by the enthralls of his beard. Meanwhile Shibli acquires a magical sword. Hence a rescue mission ensues where he meets a talking hawk and other exotic creatures, where he shaves the King’s beard, rescues two princesses and a ghost or two.

Thereby on a typical journey of truimph of good over evil, Shibli the underrated protagonist encounters things that makes him questions if whatever he knows as truth?

8. The Voyage Of Arcturus (David Lindsay)

Maskull, an adventurous man, is invited by Krag, an acquaintance of his dear friend Nightspore to Tormance( a planet orbiting Arcturus), after a long long time. They start on a crystal ship and then he wakes up alone. As he undergoes the journey, upon each land the people he meets often end up dead either by his hand or others. Finally he ends with the journey upon knowing of his upcoming death, when Krag reveals he himself is Nightspore and Krag is known as “pain” on Earth.

At the end is a revelation about the origin of Universe. It speaks about a revealing journey about the unending truth of the Universe and unmasking what one knows as truth.

7. Zoo City (Lauren Beukes)

In another version of the Southern City of Johannesburg, any person who committed a crime was attached to an animal, bound by it and called “animalled”. Our protagonist Zinzi December accused of killing her brother, who was a former journalist and drug addict is now attached to a sloth.

To pay off her debt to the drug lord, she is bound for a mission to find one of the brother sister popstar duo. The plot ensues a number of funny trips and twists that will give you a toss for anecdotes.

6. Song for the Basilisk (Patricia A. McKilip)

The sole survivor of the massacre, Caladrius who was renamed as Rook who was living with Bards of Luly, after being rescued. Even after falling in love, and having a son he couldn’t be satisfied with his life. So he ventured out to know his past. He learned he was Griffin of house Tormalyn who was destroyed by Pellior of House Basilisk. Griffin now in order to take revenge, disguises himself as a music teacher to Pellior’s unmusical daughter Damiet. However, secretly a band of musicians rebelled against Pellior.

With his picochet, Griffin challenged Pellior, mortally wounding him. In a let attempt, Pellior named his other daughter Luna, the better abled, as his successor. Luna instead of continuing the reckage joined hands with Caladrius to restore House Tormalyn. Pellior instead died of anger. It is an intriguing tale of magic, relationships and bravery.

5. The Idylls Of the Queen (Phyllis Ann Karr)

It is on the era of King Arthur this story is set in. The Queen being accused of murdered is the central focus of the plot. The story rushes around genres of history, fantasy and medieval times and suspense to clear the name of Queen Guinevere.

Sir Kay’s particulairty of figure out the motive is quite different from it’s intermediaries.

4. The Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov)

It is a novel satire revolving around two settings of Moscow and Jerusalem where the devil alternates between visits to the staunch Soviet Union.

As “Professor” Woland and his minions, they aim at achieving their mission and the wish giving of Margarita and her selflessness of her love for Master and letting go of their physical manifestations. The satire will surely tickle the buds for the historical society telling.

3. Mary Poppins (P.L Travers)

The plot revolves around Mary Poppins and her adventures. When blown away by the East Wind to London, she lands in a sea of trouble. Various encounters ensues through the series of books revealing her adventurous trips as the nanny of the bank’s household.

A funny rollercoaster of Mary Poppins “popping out”.

2. On Stranger Tides (Tim Powers)

Being the template for the Succesful Pirates of the Caribbean film seies, the novel is worth a try. The plot revolves around Chandagnac’s mission to rescue his love while plotting around in the ship Carmichael that has pirates using dark magic. The quest ensues magic and fights to friendship and love, while keeping up the setting of pirates and the sea.

It is an adventurous journey involving Chandagnac’s and other characters around him to victory and glory, from poverty to royalty.

1. Merlin’s Rings (H.Warner Munn)

It revolves around the time of King Arthur. All the fantasy romance lovers will surely dig for this novel where the star crossed love of Prince Gwalchamai and his lover, ride to victory and capture the usurpers of the throne. Guided by the team of his love and few of his supporters, tthe rightful heir will finally ascend to being the ruler of the kingdom.