It’s a dream come true for twitteratis when a celebrity posts contradictory, albeit honest opinion. Twitteratis are a subspecies of Homo sapiens who proud themselves on trolling celebrities and dreams of making big on twitter. So, imagine what happens when you are a business-tycoon-gone-bankrupt with several crores of debt on your head and get arrested only to get bail within next two hours. You and the twitteratis are match made in heaven. So, we bring you 10 rib-tickling tweets on recent Vijay Mallya arrest that will bring a big smile on your face. And at this point, I shouldn’t need to tell you how we do this.

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1. The One With The Comparison

2. The One With The Reason For Getting Bail

3. The One With The Invitation

4. The One With The Reason For Getting Bail II

5. The One With Pathetic Law Condition

6. The One With Real Comparison

7. The One With Mutual Funds

8. The One With Reaction Of Banks

9. The One With Pizza Delivery

10. The One With Bros Chilling Out