In three days, the Annabelle doll will terrorize people again. The prequel movie, titled Annabelle: Creation, of The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle will deal with the origin of the doll. Advance booking of the ticket is already open in some cities. But before you buy the ticket, know that the Annabelle doll is as real as you and me. We bring you 10 spooky facts about real-life Annabelle doll that will shake you to the core.

1. Currently, the haunted doll resides in the Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. Contrary to its counterpart in the movies, the real Annabelle doll is an antique Raggedy Ann.


Photo: Warrens Occult Museum

2. The original owners of the doll – Donna and Angie – upon learning the presence of spirit inside the doll, tried to accept and nurture the doll!


Donna, Angie and Lou appears in starting of Annabelle. Photo: Annabelle (film)

3. Despite having no parchment papers, the girls would find pencil-written notes ‘Help Us’, ‘Miss Me’ on parchment papers all throughout their house!


Photo: Annabelle (film)

4. The doll loved Donna’s bed. The girls would place the doll on couch before leaving for work, and would return to find the doll on Donna’s bed with door closed!


5. Their friend Lou, who expressed unease around the Annabelle doll, had repeated nightmares of the doll strangling him!

6. The paranormal investigators – Ed and Lorraine Warren – concluded that there was no spirit, but a demon manipulating the doll!


Paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren

7. While on the trip back to their occult museum with Annabelle doll, the Warren’s car kept on breaking. Sometimes the power steering would fail, and sometimes the brake would give them trouble!

8. The doll continued her ways with the Warrens too. And it wasn’t until the glass case that the spooky incidents stopped. 


Annabelle Doll in her case in Warren Occult Museum

9. Once a catholic priest mocked the doll, saying “You’re just a doll. You can’t hurt anyone!” He was involved in a terrible car crash on his way home, where he narrowly missed a certain death!


Photo: Annabelle (film)

10. Twice every month, a priest blesses the doll to safeguard the visitors from the evil residing in Annabelle!


If you like these facts and wish to know more about the Annabelle doll and Warren’s museum of haunted and diabolical items, visit their website here. You can also schedule a visit from the website.