Google is celebrating its 18th Birthday today. What started as a simple search engine, has now grown into a multi-billion dollar company. At the time of its inception, the search engine was fairly a new concept. There weren’t many users too because that time web wasn’t as intricate and complex as it is now. But the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were thinkers way ahead of their time. And boy, were they right. Today, Google is an indispensable part of every internet flocking guys. Just imagine the world without Google! *shudders* It would have been a dark world.

So, on the eve of Google’s 18th Birthday, we bring you 10 facts about Google that we bet, you didn’t know about.

1. Google Googol


The name Google was a misspelling. The legend says investors misspelled the mathematical term “googol” as “google” on a check, and the spelling stuck.

2. Yahoo refused to buy Google

goodbye yahoo

The founders weren’t keen on starting their own business. And so they decided to sell Google to Yahoo at a measly sum of $1 million. But Yahoo rejected the offer. In 2002, the founders again approached Yahoo for raising $3 billion for expansion. Had Yahoo given them money, they would have got a substantial amount of Google’s stock. But Yahoo again refused as they were busy building their own search engine to compete with Google. Alas! We all know what happened later. While Yahoo was sold to Verizon for $4.8 billion, Google grew up to be $400 billion company.

3. The curious case of I’m Feeling Lucky

I’m Feeling Lucky is nearly never used. When’s the last time you used this button? Yet, when the google developers removed the button way back in 2006 for a trial period, the number of visitors drastically reduced! The developer team concluded that removing the button somehow reduces the Google experience. People want it, and so shall it be.

4. Google’s First Storage Device

Google Lego Casing

The first database of Google was stored in ten 4-GB Hard Drives in a Lego casing. Using Lego enabled them to expand the storage whenever required. The Lego case is now showcased at Stanford University.

5. Reason Behind Google’s Simple Homepage

google homepage

Rumor has it that Google has simple homepage because founders wanted it to be simple. But the actual reason for notoriously sparse homepage is that the founders didn’t know HTML in the beginning to make the site fancy. Heck, the first Google homepage didn’t even have Google Search button (they didn’t know to design Submit button) and you had to press Enter key to search.

6. Google’s First Tweet

The first ever tweet by Google was a geeky one as expected. For the non-binary reader, the text says “I’m feeling lucky” in binary.

7. T-Rex in California Headquarters

google dinosaur stan

Google has a pet dinosaur, T-Rex that goes by name Stan, in their California headquarters. Stan is a reminder to all employees to be innovative and adaptable or becomes extinct like it. And yes, the dinosaur in the Google’s dinosaur jump mini game is Stan.

8. Noble Google

child's letter

google's reply to child's letter

Should we even say anything?

9. Google’s Goat Army

google goat army

Google rents out Goats from California Grazing company to help cut down a number of weeds and brush at its headquarters. According to them, it’s cuter to watch goats grazing rather than the lawn mower.

10. Impact of Google on the world’s internet traffic


On August 17, 2013, all Google services blacked-out for only 5 minutes. And in that 5 minutes, traffic on the internet dropped by a massive 40 percent! In simpler terms, at any given point, about 40 percent users on the internet are using services of Google – Gmail, Google search, Google Apps Store etc.