Man of Steel is probably the most familiar superhero known to almost everybody living on this planet. Superman is personification of truth and justice the American way. He is tall, strong, filled with hope and one thing that he never do is brood. And no, I am not talking about DCEU Superman. Considering the popularity of Superman, we bring you 10 weird Superman facts that even hardcore fans don’t know.

1. Superman is immune to the Dracula’s bite. When Dracula bit him, he died immediately as Superman is fueled by Sun.



2. Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, originally planned Superman to be a bald-headed, egoistic villain. But now we know who that villain is.


The Reign of the Superman

3. Green kryptonite weakens Superman. But the pink kryptonite turns him gay! No kidding!


Supergirl Vol-4 #79

4. There is a prominent reporter in Marvel Comics who goes by the name of Clark Kent.


Avengers #325

5. Superman once teamed with Muhammad Ali to thwart an Alien Invasion.


All-New Collectors’ Edition #C-56: “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” (1978)

6. In 1945, US government censored a comics that showed scientists splitting atoms to create atomic bombs because the Manhattan Project was working on same thing.


Superman Vol.1 #38 The Battle of the Atoms

7. In Silver Age, Lex Luthor hated Superman because his super breath made him bald.


Adventure Comics #271

8. Considering Superman as a waste of time, the creators of Superman sold the rights to Detective Comics at meager amount of $130.


Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel

9. The Royal Canadian Mint prints official coins of Superman in Canadian Currency.


A Canadian Coin

10. Superman is just 27 year old because Krypton is 27 light years away from the Earth.

Believe it!

So people, how many of these facts you knew? Did we miss any other weird Superman facts? Comment below, let us know!