People like sex. I mean who doesn’t. And when we love something we often tend to go with the flow and do or say something stupid.

Today I am here with some confessions, from the different corner of the World Wide Web. Some sweet and silly while other are simply weird.

15 absurd things people said during sex that would make think “Seriously, they said that?”.

1. Someone not happy with themselves.

I screamed out that, I wanted to be a woman, during sex with my wife last night.

2. Just loving your family. The Lannister way!

Love like a Lannister

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. When he was about to orgasm, he screamed “Yes! Brittany!” at the top of his lungs. My name is not Brittany. That’s his sister’s name.

3. When you live in Kolkata. And communism and politics are your bread and butter.

Yo Communism

I didn’t realize how much I loved learning about communism until I screamed out Josef Stalin during an orgasm.

4. Well, I have tried this once.

For Narnia

My boyfriend yelled “For Narnia!” once when we were having sex.

5. Someone who is in too much love with themselves.

My girlfriend and I were having sex last night. She screamed out her own name.

6. Well, I feel bad for this guy. I mean seriously how bad was he?

Last night I was having sex with my boyfriend. I looked at him in the eye and said I was bored in the middle of it.

7. When you love food, and dream of eating the cook. I mean I can totally understand.

Whatever He says

I yelled “Yes Chef “when I orgasmed last night. Hopefully, the guy I was didn’t catch on I was dreaming of Gordon Ramsay on Master Chef.

8. I don’t blame her, A girl should always stay hydrated.

The girl screamed out Orange Juice during sex, really killed my mood.

9. When you are hungry, and all you can ever think of is breakfast…

Crunchy Delicious

One time, I was thinking about cereals during sex and screamed out “ooo Chocose !” as I came. She stopped calling me.

10. For those who think Life is a race, well think again…

I had sex on the first date. He lasted 2 minutes, yelled “I won!” as he finished and then fell asleep.

11. For the love of Noodles.


Yum yummy

Having sex with her and when climax hit I yelled “oodles of Noodles!” she was frozen in disbelief.

12. When you are missing Christmas, too much.

My ex asked me to call him Santa Claus during sex. I screamed, “Fuck Me Santa!”.

13. When things get a bit awkward…

I accidently screamed “I fucking love you” during sex with a guy I was seeing a few weeks … He reminded me the next day whether I actually meant it.

14. Scared of commitment, are we?

Last night my friend with benefit said he loved me during sex. I yelled “This is Sparta” and kicked him out of the bed.

15. When you forget everything, this is love I guess.

I yelled out “I don’t remember your name” during sex.

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