Released on 29th September 2017, Cuphead hit the Steam with a perfect 10/10 score. Interestingly, StudioMDHR set a different universe for the current trends.

The game is set up in 1930s style. If you have enjoyed the 1930s style cartoons, Cuphead is meant for you. Here is why, the graphics may look vintage and childlike game for you, its really hard to play the game unless you are really really good at Mario, dave or other windows 98 games.

Cuphead seems to be a basic classic gun and run game yet the boss level gets difficult with each stage.

And then there is the epitome of failure and shame, Dean Takahashi Рan American journalist who writes for Gamebeat at VentureBeat. He has been a tech journalist for 25 years yet it took him 26 minutes or more to actually make a jump in the tutorial. This will make you cringe and at the same time, it will make you feel that the game is easy. Do not underestimate it.

So take a look at that 26 minutes youtube video of him trying to get through the tutorial level.

At the same time, you can check out the trailer

Cuphead is available for Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

Steam Price: 565 Rs

Grab it or wait for the Steam Christmas discount offer