Fresh clips of the upcoming animated series, Justice League Action, has hit the net. It features Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy voicing Joker and Batman. The clips can be watched below:

justice league action

“The audience is so familiar with Batman, they’re so devoted to him. Batman fans are so passionate,” Conroy told  “You have to be consistent; you have to be true to the character no matter what situation he’s in. In The Killing Joke, it’s such a dark, frightening place that he goes to, but it’s the same character. In Justice League Action, it’s that character, that same brooding, dark character, but in a more ridiculous situation. There’s still a lot of action and adventures, but a little bit more of a ridiculous side to it. It opens itself up to a little bit of comedy, which I love playing and the audience at the screening really reacted well to. You approach the character the same way; the situation he’s in is different.”

Justice League Action will debut on Cartoon Network later this year.