The battlefields in Pennsylvania, USA is considered as one of the most haunted battlefields in the whole world. Dubbed as American Civil War’s biggest loss in terms of men, in space of just two month, as many as 50,000 soldiers were killed in 1863. Since then, many have reported seeing ghosts of these dead soldiers haunting the place. Ghost hunters and thrill-seekers from all around the globe flock in huge numbers every year to get just one glimpse of┬áthem.

In a shocking video taken in 2013, two ghost hunters visited the place where high paranormal activity were noted. They waited for about 20 minutes in their car when something really bizarre happened. Watch the video below – (Hint: Keep your eye on the cannons)

The trailer starts with the ghost hunter reaching the high activity spot and waiting for any thing to show up. Initially they are skeptic, but after 20 minutes, a transparent figure appears behind the canons out of nowhere. It walks towards them and then suddenly disappears, leaving the hunters mystified.

This video has gone viral on reddit. Nobody knows whether the video is real or fake, but one thing is sure – it is one helluva eerie flick.