Arnab Goswami’s sudden exit from Times Now sent the nation in shock. Known for his firebrand imposing journalism, seldom did the speakers with opposing views got the opportunity to put their points. His screaming over his panelists earned his show TRP and him parodies. But love him or hate him, you gotta admit – He is a man with principles. He stands for what he believe in. And above all, he isn’t afraid of anyone. Times Now will never be same without him. To bid him farewell, we have brought 5 Arnab Goswami moments from Newshour Debate that you simply can’t miss.

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1. The One With Arnab’s Uncontrollable Laughter

2. The One With AIB

Just so if you are wondering what the fuss was about, look at the video below –

3. The One With Triple Talaq

4. The One With JNU

5. The One With ‘Never, Ever, Ever’

Just look at her terrified expression!


Arnab Goswami’s farewell speech