Given much of time and effort, and people will accept anything to be true. Here is a list of 5 facts that you thought were true but are actually not.

Disclaimer: Santa Claus is not a part of this list.

1. Vitamin C is an effective treatment against cold

It dosen’t work.

Not actually it’s not, well no one is arguing that vitamin c Is bad for you but theirs been much research into the perceived benefits of vitamin c in combating the good old common cold. To date, there’s been little if any evidence uncovered to support the use of vitamin c at the onset of a cold to reduce length severity or frequency of colds.

In 2007, when researchers interrogated six decades worth of data from clinical research and concluded that vitamin C, when taken on the onset of cold, does nothing to reduce the severity or the duration of the cold

2. Sex is a great workout

Sex is a great workout

Bad news guys.

Getting your freak on doesn’t mean you can skip the gym. Depending on your government’s, the recommended amount time for an adult is two and a half hour a week.

Given the average duration of sexy time is somewhere 6 to 10 minutes. That means you will need a lot of sexy time. Oh, yes also considering the fact that on an average half of married couples have sex not more than three times a week, doesn’t it seems quite unfeasible.

Apart from all that, doing the Bone dance doesn’t burn as many calories as you might think.


It’s estimated most healthy men, burn around four calories per minutes, that’s just over 40 calories. That’s exactly the calories in half an apple.

So, get your running gear on than men.

3. Different parts of your tongue detects different tastes

It dosen’t work like that way either

No, they don’t.

Yes, they do but in the context of the belief held by most people who use this statement. It’s, actually not correct on two crucial points firstly it suggests our tongue can only detect four tastes: sweet sour salty and bitter.

And also, it receptors for each of the taste senses are located specific points on every tongue.

But the reality is more chaotic. Our tongue has up to 10,000 taste buds each containing pores with taste receptors. Every receptor has a mechanism for detecting chemicals in our saliva which tells us what something tells us.

4. Slaves built the pyramids

Slaves built the pyramids

Of course, they weren’t, not by Jewish slaves or by Egyptian slaves, it was long thought to be inconceivable that anyone could have voluntary become one of the thousands of people required to construct these enormous and complex ancient Egyptian structures.

But surprisingly, by early 1900s its became apparent, that there had been enough archeological evidence to show that these men were provided proper residential complexes, were given meet least once a week, and apart from other facilities were paid handsomely.

Well, most of these workers were poor farmers who would often work in a pyramid after their fields were destroyed in a flood or something.

I guess, you never saw that coming.

5. Crying like a baby

I dont always cry

As much as we associate babies with crying, it turns out that newborns don’t actually produce tears even though they just make crying sounds.

I know, annoying right.

Well, this is because they are born with underdeveloped tear ducts that can only produce enough fluid to keep their and they only cry real tears after three to twelve week.

Bonus: Chameleons changes color to blend with their surrounding

You dont know me

No, they don’t.

Boy, things people would believe. Well, the multicolored thing has more to do with communication than blending in. Chameleons already do a pretty decent job of blending in with the surrounding without having to change color and scientists agree that’s not the purpose of their highly-specialized ability.

Years of studies have focused that; the chameleons change their color in response to light temperature and mood.

It’s more of a visual clue for other Chameleons. So sometimes it’s a comfort thing other times it’s a communication thing. And you thought your girlfriend was complicated.