We all have seen Shawshank. We all saw Good Will Hunting. Tell me one person who hasn’t seen Forrest Gump. Movies like these dont just entertain you, they make you feel satisfied. Every time we finish watching a movie like that we come out a completely different person. Isn’t that what’s cinema is all about??  Movies are supposed to unsettle you and make you see things from a largely unknown perspective. Sadly, movies like those are hard to find. They don’t make it like them anymore. Or do they? Here is a list of movies that you may have never heard of but will force you to rethink and retrace.

5. The Iron Giant (1999)

What is fate?

Animated movies are somewhat of a kryptonite. Generic story lines make it too boring. But Iron Giant is different. It takes that generic story line, hammers it into a pulp and recycles it into an innocently gripping coming of age tale of a robot. That’s right. A robot! The story starts of with a mad scientist creating a weapon of mass destruction but somehow it ends up in the quiet town of Rockwell where it meets 9-year old Hogarth Hughes. Adventure follows. Soon the robot realizes its purpose yet beautifully chooses to ignore it instead becoming the hero who saves the day. The iron giant isn’t necessarily topnotch animation. But its story is.

4. Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Is doing the right thing always the right thing to do?

A realistic mystery thriller, the movie is the first of its kind. Before GBG, every such movie had a cool, anti-hero detective with either awesome deduction skills or a cool close quarter fighter. So basically, batman . Affleck is most certainly not. Defining himself as “just a guy who finds other guys who skipped on their jet-ski installments and moved to Delaware”, he is hired by a family to find a missing girl. What follows next is Affleck using his rudimentary skill set and back channel sources to try and find her. At the end, when he finally finds the child he is left with an extremely difficult choice to make. One that he might regret. Monaghan, Freeman, Ed Harris are just icing on the cake. What’s attractive about this movie is that all POV characters have major grey areas. This movie is no Taken. But its safe to say that at the end, you will be left reeling for more.

3.The Hunt ( Jagten ) – (2012)

What is the meaning of  – Innocent until proven guilty?

This movie is proof that if an actor is good enough, he/she can carry the entire movie on their shoulders. The story is unique. Lucas has a satisfying job, a loving son, good friends to hang out with.  Until the kindergarten teacher  is accused of pedophilia. Then his world turns upside down. His friends turn on him while society shuns him away. Apart from the viewer, no one knows that he is innocent (doesn’t matter how much you scream at the screen). But the movie doesn’t end there. The neighborhood, justifiably so, is gripped by hysteria with the thought of living among a child molester. A lot of emotionally devastating events later, things finally start getting back on track. Or do they? Is the society that so readily shunned him away ready to accept him back?? At the end The Hunt doesn’t raise one but two questions – are rumors that powerful and is social ostracization justified?

2. Atonement (2007)

Is everyone innocent or are we all guilty?

The 21st century hasn’t given us much in the name of quality family entertainment apart from a list of select few. Atonement, people, is at the top of that list. A genre-defining story set within two time periods before and during the Second World War, Atonement is the story of a good man with a somewhat bright future falsely accused of rape. The story seems pretty straight- forward. Once you start watching you think it would be easy to discern who the villain is and who is the victim here. But only after the plot progresses, you come to know that it’s not just a case of mistaken identity. Everyone had their reasons. Trust me, I wanted to pin the plight the poor man had to endure on some one. I just couldn’t. It’s that good. Atonement is an emotional roller coaster ride. One that will crash you into a water fall and leave you with a bloody nose.

1. Hachiko- A dog’s story (2009)

Is love limited only to the two legged?

Little does the movie provide you in the form of direction. The premise is extremely simple and the message that the movie tries to deliver is lost in translation while the movie dives into a sort of comedy of errors. But as we all know, good things come to those who wait. It’s only after the interval do you realize what an idiot you would have been had you switched off the T.V. Richard Gere and Joan Allen deliver stellar performances. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa gives his career best. But it’s the curly and cute antics of Hachi, a Japanese Akita Inu breed that steals the show. Not giving you much here in case you watch it( which you should ), one of them dies and Hachi’s incredible act of loyalty even after the said person’s death will move even the most cold-hearted to tears.