With less than 12 hours to go for the epic seventh season finale, the hype for Game of Thrones has reached its zenith. The seventh season has arguably the best value for entertainment on cable TV in recent years. From reunion of the Stark children to Daenerys Stormborn setting ablaze the army of dead, this season has particularly shone out in almost all departments. Even though the last episode had some sloppy writing on its part, the show runners have left no stone unturned for creating the colossal hype for the final episode. After being plagued with leaks, hacking and ransom threats, it was expected that the viewership for the seventh season would take a massive hit. But surprisingly, this penultimate season has witnessed record breaking viewerships in the history of cable TV.

The final episode ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ will probably tie some loose ends which have been present since the first season. Also, this episode might also create some new plotlines and bigger hindrances for the key players. Without any further ado, let’s check the 5 things that might happen in ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’.

5. The conflict between Sansa and Arya

Right from the first episode of Game of Thrones, the disdain between Arya and Sansa has always been present and visible to the viewers. The two personalities which have always been at the opposite ends of the spectrum are bound to clash once in a while. Sansa’s usage of diplomacy to rule Winterfell has not been well received by Arya, who is now more dangerous and volatile than ever. Some fan theories have emerged citing that both the sisters are playing a coy to lure in Littlefinger. We really hope it’s a coy rather than an actual conflict, because honestly, having Littlefinger in your yard is a blunder.

4. Winter arrives in Winterfell

In the sixth episode, The Night King finally managed to get hold of Viserion, one of three dragons of Daenerys. The structural build and the embedded magic was strong enough to keep the White Walkers at the bay. But now armed with a dragon, the threat has never been more real. Why break the Wall when you can just fly over it?

3. Theon’s fate

In the trailer for the seventh episode, a weakened Theon is seen on a beach, barely able to balance himself. Though Theon has committed some egregious crimes in the past, the torture he suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton was enough to forgive him. Now, Theon is barely his old self, but it might be a shot at redemption for him by killing him off in a glorious way.

2. Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding

From the title of the episode itself, the key plot must be around The Starks and The Targaryens. Though it is almost confirmed that the sizzling chemistry between Jon and Daenerys will come to fruition, it is also plausible that we might get a good look at the noble Targaryen, Rhaegar himself. With Gilly’s discovery of Rhaegar and Lyanna’s secret marriage, we might be able to see the ceremony itself through Bran’s visions.

1. Clegane Bowl

The best season finale we can hope for is to see The Hound killing The Mountain in the most gruesome way imaginable. All the sins committed by Ser Gregor will finally come back to haunt him through his younger brother, Sandor Clegane. This might not happen in the final episode, but the build up to the Clegane Bowl has been phenomenal. With The Hound going back to King’s Landing, it will be the wet dreams of any viewer to see the two brothers battling out, and, The Hound emerging victorious at the end.