The introduction of Reliance JIO in telecom industry took the entire country by storm. The announcement of free 4G  data and voice calls triggered a massive landslide in the shares of Airtel and Vodafone. The memes of Mukesh Ambani trolling telecom companies started trending. With ridiculously cheap tariffs, Reliance JIO is the next big thing in India. Initially, JIO was only available to a selected few as part of preview offer. But from September 5, JIO sim will be available to all. On paper, Reliance JIO looks too good to be true. But, we at Xtrascoop, investigated the matter further and discovered astonishing hidden clauses. We list you 5 such clauses –

1. Commercially Unavailable

Though, Reliance JIO sim was supposed to be commercially available to all from 5th September at Reliance Digital Stores and other authorized JIO sim dealers, in reality that is far from truth. Upon talking with the Manager of Reliance Digital, we came to know that they haven’t yet received the sims for selling commercially. In fact, one of the salesperson even added that it may take 1 month for the sim to be commercially available throughout the country.

2. Late Activation 

At the Reliance Jio AGM, Mukesh Ambani had announced that every JIO customer will be able to walk into a JIO store with their Aadhar cards and get their new connection within 15 minutes, with activation promised within 5 minutes of walking out the store. However, these claims were again put to rest by salesperson of Reliance Digital. According to him, activation is now taking over 10 days due to too much server load

3. Not Unlimited After All

We also found that free unlimited data is not so unlimited after all. Users will only get 4GB LTE data daily after which the speed will be reduced to 128Kbps. So make sure you download less than 4GB per day because 128Kbps is only enough for light browsing.

4. Peculiar Night Time

According to Reliance Data tariffs, customers recharging with packs starting from Rs.149 will enjoy unlimited Night data along with regular Day data. However, what the tariff doesn’t mention boldly is that unlike other telecom operators, whose night time is from 12AM to 6AM, the night time for Reliance JIO is from 2AM to 5AM! That’s just 3 hours compared to other operators’ 6 hours.

5. Free Calling? Think Again

Voice call is free only if you call on JIO networks. Calls to different operators will incur additional charges if your data expires, even though calling doesn’t use the data. Also establishing the call itself will be a nuisance. As per a letter submitted by Reliance Jio to TRAI, call drop rate on their network is above 65% right now. More than 1.6 crore calls fail between Jio and Vodafone, Airtel and Idea networks. To understand this, its important to know how the calls are actually made. You may skip it if you are not techno-geek.

Traditional calling like those of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc are made over Circuit-Switching networks. In Circuit-Switching networks, there are nodes called switches. A signal has to go through various switches in order to connect to the final receiver. In telecom, a switch is a device that takes the input signal from your phone and outputs it to the appropriate destination. When a number is dialed, a circuit is established between two ends which is completely dedicated for that call alone. Telecom operators have over the years laid out numerous switches, and so today, more often than not, we enjoy uninterrupted and easily establishing calls. However, the problem with this type of network is that it’s not suitable for data transfer.

Data, on the other hand, travels on packet-switched network. This type of network employs set of routers. The huge data, say a 50mb file, is broken into tiny chunks of data and sent via different routers to the destination. One chunk may go from Delhi router to the destination, while other chunk, say from Mumbai router. No specific circuit is reserved for transfer of file. Unlike other operators, it is this packet-switching network that Reliance JIO employs for making calls for over the network. So, either you open facebook or make a call (to different JIO number only), packet-switching network will be used for both. In case of calls, your voice will be converted to data and then sent along the network. This type of calling is better known as Voice over LTE, VoLTE in short.

Phew….now that theory is out, you might be getting teensy bit of idea on why you will still pay for make a call to different operator. Today, though almost every operators support VoLTE, they do this using Interconnect Points which essentially transfers data from packet-switched network to circuit-switched network. And yes, this is a tedious process due to which a bulk of your call may get dropped if the network is too congested.

So guys, before you follow the JIO bandwagon, make sure you know about these hidden stuffs that no JIO advertisement is telling you. Suggestion from our side is that you use JIO solely for data use. We also advise you to not port your numbers to JIO network for now.

P.S: Regarding point number 3, new information has come to light. Currently, people obtaining sims through Lyf handsets, coupons and JioFi devices, are eligible for Preview Offer of unlimited data which will have only 90 days validity. You must have received sms pertaining to 90 days validity. In Preview offer, fortunately, there is NO FUP Of 4GB. However, once the sims roll out commercially (which was supposed to have happened on 5th September) throughout India, the Preview Offers will be migrated to Welcome Offer. And it is this Welcome Offer, where you have Unlimited 4G data until 31stDecember,2016 and FUP of 4GB per day. So, while you have Preview offer, Enjoy your unlimited data!!