It has been 2 days since The Flash S03E01 premiered and die-hard fans (like me) must have already watched it by now. And if title wasn’t evident enough, the episode was pretty disappointing. When the The Flash S02 ended with Barry saving his mom, I was elated as f*ck. We were getting Flashpoint Paradox, one of the most iconic storylines in DC Comics that set the New-52 series. Though the complete Flashpoint was out of scope for the show to adopt,it still gave the show a means to right the wrongs in the Arrowverse (killing Laurel for one). They had the opportunity to play with lot of interesting stuffs too. There was no way they could have screwed it.


Well, it is suffice to say, I was damn wrong. In a facebook group, I remember a guy saying that The Flash creative team will screw up the Flashpoint. I laughed at him. Guess he must be laughing now. So, without wasting any more of your time, lets get started with 5 Things Wrong With The Flash S03E01 Flashpoint.

1. Two Flashes Not Enough Against One Speedster


Okay, so we have two flashes going against one under-constructed villain speedster. The task should be easy right? Wrong! During the fight, when Kid Flash has upper hand, he becomes over-confident for a minute and Rival impales him almost killing him. The Flash also commits same mistake and had Joe not intervened, it would have been night-night time for Barry. Both of these Flashes have 2 years of crime fighting experience and yet they aren’t able to take down one speedster.

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2. Why Isn’t Barry On Fire?


Should I say anything?

3. Love Transcends Timeline


In this scene, Iris says she is missing someone like Barry in her life. She says something is off and something is missing. So, does Interstellar theory holds true in The Flash S03E01? Does Love really transcends space and time? Why did she believe Barry so easily? I know The Flash is a drama but there is just too much moping, and this time from cheerful, confident Iris West. The starting scene with Barry asking Iris for date was necessary – we needed to know where all the characters were. But then too much time was spent on her. It would have been better if this time would have been devoted to constructing the Rival character.

4. Flashpoint  Paradox Is Done & Dusted In One Episode


Flashpoint Paradox radically changed the status-quo of DC Universe and helped launch New-52. For a storyline spanning over 20 titles and 81 minutes of direct-to-video animated film, the least The Flash show could have done was to make it a two-parter story arc. The Flash S03E01 could have been the introduction to new world and The Flash S03E02 could have explored the problems and finally resole the paradox in the end. And its not like they haven’t done things like this before. Remember the trip to the Earth-2? It was beautifully constructed in two episodes. Unless they have some really better things planned, they have utterly wasted the potential of Flashpoint Paradox.

5. Why Did Barry Change The Flashpoint Timeline?

Barry pointed out to Eobard Thawne that he has everything in new timeline. He has both parents, he no longer needs to be the Flash, and he can finally lead a normal life. The only side-effect is he forgetting his older memories and powers. So, what’s the problem then? Why would he want his old memories? And he doesn’t need his powers anymore – Kid Flash is there to save the city! Then Why on god’s green earth will he want to change everything back to before??? In the comics, it was important for the Barry to set things straight because the new world he created was a dystopian one. Justice League was never formed and the war between Atlanteans and Amazonians had wiped out half of the humanity. And so he had to reverse the damage by restoring the timeline.

But as it turns out, in the show, Barry restored the timeline for only one thing: His powers! There wasn’t any impending doom that forced him to restore the timeline. This is what happens when a big story arc is crammed and resolved in just one episode. Had the arc panned into two episodes, a world-ending threat (like super-pissed time wraiths) in The Flash S03E02 could have forced Barry to run back in time and stop himself from changing it.

So guys, do you agree with the list? Were you disappointed too with The Flash S03E01? What could have been done to improve the episode? Comment below, let us know.