Viru Paaji has been rocking in his second innings as twitterati. His penchant for smashing opposition for six is still very much visible in his tweets. If you are a Viru fan and not following him on Twitter, you are missing something incredible. From Rio Olympic fiasco to daily life lessons, he has cracked THE TWITTER WAY to convey his message. We bring you 5 such tweets (in FRIENDS style) that proves he is still the very much same fearsome batsman, albeit on a different pitch.

1> The One With The Fate Of Engineers –

2> The One With Birthday Wish –

3> The One With IndVsWi Commentary –

4> The One With Shobha De –

5> The One With Morgan –

6> [BONUS TWEET] The One With IndVsWi Match 1 –

All we can say is keep them coming!!!