While a lot of us do watch films and are fond of them, not all of us have the means to take up the film course. Even if one does take up the course, he/she is bound to get confused about how to go about shots and screenplay at some point. To answer such prayers, here are 5 Youtube Channels you might want to subscribe to, which simply our learning of the art of film-making and film criticism.

  • Lessons From The Screenplay 


A video from Lessons From A Screenplay | photo: youtube.com

  • Nerdwriter1 


A video from Nerdwriter1 | photo: youtube.com

  • RocketJump Film School 


A video from RocketJump Film School | Photo : school.rocketjump.com

  • Now You See It


‘Why do we love Gangsters? ‘ from Now You See It | photo: youtube.com

  • Every Frame A Painting 


‘Martin Scorsese – The Art Of Silence ‘ from Every Frame A Painting | photo: youtube.com