Best 5 Small Youtube Vlogger Families

We all love a wholesome video and where better to find one, than from a family vloging channel on youtube. Vloging means making a video log of one’s day and posting it onto social media .Vloging has become a rage on youtube and also an outlet for families to share their moments with everybody who is willing to watch.These young Vloggers are here to share their family with anybody who is intrested! Here are 5 of the best vloging channels you just need to check out (not in order).

  • Okbaby

How can we write a family vlogger list without mentioning okbaby! This small family of 3 (soon to be 4!) comprises of Oscar Morales, Kyra sivertson and their son Levi Morales (who they fondly call buggy) and soon to arrive daughter, mini bug (not actual name, they have yet to release it). Their youtube channel has more than 700k subscribers right now. Both Kyra and Oscar were teenagers when they found out that they were going to have Levi, and they decided to record and post their transition from teenagers to parents. Now Levi is one year old and they have another child on the way and they couldn’t be happier. Kyra also has a personal channel called kbaby where she posts about herself separately talking about mommy stuff, hauls, and makeup. Oscar has a great talent in vloging and video editing which you can’t help but enjoy.

  • Kkandbabyj

The next one on the list is kkandbabyj! The matriarch of the family keren Swanson and the patriarch Khoa Nguyen have two adorable sons Jackson and Landon. This couple has a special bond which is just too cute to put in words. They have been together for 8 years and are currently engaged. Along with daily vloging Keren also touches subjects which are usually not discussed about, like miscarriage, family rejection and money issues showing us just how real reality is, on her personal channel Keren Swanson. Khoa too gives advice regarding his own job that as a house retailer, to their viewers. I hope they get loads of happiness because they really deserve it!

  • Life with beans

Life with beans sure does stand up to its name! When Chloe and Rohan wereplanning for a 4th child hoping for a girl, they got more than they wished for, they were blessed with triplets! A pair of identical boys and a sweet little girl, now this family of 6 is melting hearts with their sweet nature. Their children Evan (4), Otto (3), Felix (2) and the triplets Henry, Rufus and Pearl (1), are a treat to watch. All the kids have their own unique personality and their own little doppelganger in the family! (You’ll know what I’m talking about when you check their channel out!) They are the sweetest and the most welcoming family ever!

  • Jamie and Nikki

Jamie and Nikki are the prime example of the quote “love conquers all”. A couple consisting of a Black woman and a White man, these Australians faced a lot of criticism during their initial courtship days, but they have grown and learned to stand up against the negativity together and are now happily married. They also have an adorable daughter named Ava Sarah (named after Nikki’s late sister). Before becoming a Youtuber Nikki was a model which she occasionally mentions. This couple has faced racial discrimination and became stronger under the pressure, which shows us that love is what matters most in the world, not skin colour.

  • Domo and crissy

    This channel is anything but small, but I couldn’t resist mentioning them in this article! They are none other than Domo and Crissy! This couple is what the younger generation calls “goals”. They are a lesbian couple who are expecting a baby boy “Domonic” [not nique its nic ;)] any day now! Their channel revolves around pranks and mommy stuff; they also talk about the hate they get for being a part of the Lgbt community. They deserve all the love they get! Because we can just see the love they have between them. They are currently engaged and are planning to get married once their son is born. All the best to them and their son!



What’s your favourite youtube family and what do you like about them?Did you get a baby fever after watching thier videos? Write in the comments below and please share if you liked the list! And remember to always stay kind 🙂