How well do you know the weapon of the Odinson? Thor’s Mystical Hammer has always been by his side, helping him vanquish foes much more powerful than the God of Thunder. Mjolnir was born in the heart of a dying star and was endowed with several supernatural abilities. Presenting 6 Amazing Facts about Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir we bet you never knew

It contains the power of a cosmic thunderstorm

When the universe was created, it was almost destroyed by the wrath of the first storm called the God Tempest. Odin used a specialized metal to trap the storm’s power. The metal was later used to make Mjolnir.

Can cut through an entire planet to get back to Thor

Thor calls, Mjolnir comes flying back to his hand. But the connection runs deeper than you think. In one issue, Thor explains to Namor that his hammer will pierce the heart of a planet if need be to get back to his master.

It can resurrect the Dead

Thor was once tricked by Adolf Hitler into killing an innocent man. He later rectified his mistake by making Mjolnir absorb back the energy that killed him, effectively resurrecting a dead guy.

Can kill Vampires with touch

A bloodsucker can be killed with garlic, wooden stakes to the heart and religious artifacts. Thor’s weapon is a sacred weapon of Norse Mythology and thus qualifies as a Vampire Killer.

Is a Universal Translator

Whoever holds Mjolnir is granted the power of All-Speak. All-Speak is the supernatural ability to understand any form of language, human or alien. It is only available to the Gods and the ones who posses the Mjolnir.

Wonder Woman is Worthy

In the 90’s, the DC-Marvel Crossover arc gave the fans plenty to drool over. In one of its issues, Wonder Woman successfully lifts Mjolnir before her fight with the X-Men’s Storm, proving her worthy.