Television has given us so much. Heroes. Villains. One-liners. Storylines. So much of it that we have all lost count. But with every light comes a shadow. Whatever virtue Good TV has been blessed with, the TV Satans (a.k.a useless scriptwriters) have cursed us with gifts of truly soul destroying nature in the form of useless characters that never help stir the plot-pot but only make it gooey and sticky. Here is a list of most annoying TV characters of popular shows that deserve a quick death.


6. Gilly

annoying TV characters

Give me more screen time or I will go back beyond the wall

Gilly was this poor girl with an abusive father who finally escaped his shackles and became a part of the adorable Samwell Tarly’s life. From there on, the only direction the character went was downward. Gilly stayed inside Craster’s House before but her life wasn’t that different after getting through the wall. She lived under Samwell’s roof and was reduced to this generic home-maker figure that was good at nothing except being obnoxious and unproductive. The only saving grace Gilly has  that hasn’t made G.RR Martin drop the proverbial Damocles sword that hangs over each character in GoT is Samwell junior. But that’s a shield too rusted and may not protect her for long.

Gilly may not have had any character depth as of now but she could have had as much of it as needed had the writers used their pens on something more productive than wasting it on someone as useless as say Yara Greyjoy or the Sand Snakes. For a show that has produced so many fiercely beautiful and complex femme fatales like Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Catelyn Tully and the people’s favourite Daenerys Targaryen, Gilly was a character that too could have punched way above her weight but never did.

5.Sam Winchester

annoying TV characters sam

Who needs romance when you got bromance!!!!

I know I know. This choice of mine is gonna sound of alarms in lot of people’s heads. Dean and Sam are like bread and butter. Inseparable and couldn’t be had without the other. But lately as the seasons have progressed, the dynamic between the duo has brought the show down to an almost stand still. Dean does most of the acting, one-liners and the daring and enthralling scenes while Sam just plays catch up. There are scenes where Sam isn’t even required but is put there as it’s the Winchesters and not the Winchester. Lately Sam is getting boring and a workaholic in a show which banks on making their work look interesting enough for an applause.

Armageddon comes. Catastrophe comes. Hell, even death comes these two brothers have been made to stand them all. Maybe its time to change that. The reason Supernatural as a franchise is steadily losing its audience is because fans know the main element of the story, the Winchester brothers will always somehow manage to come out unscathed. Maybe its time to give the viewers the unexpected. In the Supernatural Universe, not even Death is immortal, why should the Winchesters be?

4. Skye

annoying TV characters skye

I am so perfect that I will make you cry

Daisy. Skye. Quake. Seriously, this girl has changed names so many times that whoever makes her aadhar card next is going to jump out the window. An inhuman in a racially divisive world, Skye could have been so much more than just a super powered field agent with a knack for falling in love with guys that end up dead or worse. The writers may have been smoking Galactus Level weed when they thought of limiting the scope of a character with such an impossible amount of potential. Instead they gave her an ambiguous personality with no foundation and abilities that are incredibly unusual and/or non-existent to start with.

For example, Skye regularly hacks into S.H.I.E.L.D. She once hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D. with a Tablet. That’s right, a tablet. That is my sarcasm speaking. This is S.H.I.E.L.D. we are talking about. It has systems in place to defend against an entire alien invasion but one single girl who never even learned code can hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. with a laptop, or a café computer or a cellphone or… I don’t know, a calculator? But wait, don’t laugh there’s more. The show runners not only made sure Skye is a ninja with an IQ of 500, but, they also made her look like even her flaws aren’t necessarily flaws but are just qualities in disguise(she cares too much, she asks too many questions blah blah blah). One hell of a disgustingly boring character in an otherwise perfect show.

3. Carl

annoying TV characters carl

Its a bird… Its a plane….Nope, its the one eyed douchebag 😉

The boy scout of The Walking Dead who thinks he is Rambo but isn’t. Carl is the perfect example of a kid who grew up but still can’t sleep without his teddy bear. His actions are that of a four year old with an OCD for stirring up trouble and getting others killed. He got Dale killed who was like the wise father figure of the group. He was Carol’s nightmare during the Sophia Arc, and the Alexandra Arc just had him be plain stupid. I mean, who in their right mind sneaks into an enemy truck and the jumps out to be greeted by hundreds of enemy foot soldiers just so he “might” get to kill their leader (who for the record might not even have showed up).

Carl, as a Character, had a lot of flaws in season 1 but he has matured to let go of at least some if not all of them. The kid was like a kiddy hangman whose very existence in a scene threatened that of the other people in the frame. Now too he has some glaring irregularities but they are markedly less than they were before. Still, Carl in my eyes, has no chance for redemption simply due to the fact that most of is life he created problems for a lot of people and consistently got away with it.

2.Felicity Smoak

annoying TV characters felicity

If I smile and pretend that I am typing, maybe no one will ever know… that I am actually a hair-stylist

As a beginner I liked Felicity for her spontaneity and quirkiness. Her hacking skills were indispensable in many episodes as the arrow progressed from being a petty late night vigilante to an inspiration for an entirely broken city. And in season 2 she looked like a real trophy for the show along with Deathstroke. Both of them were a hit among fans. While Manu Bennett as DS is still widely loved, Felicity has made a lot of enemies throughout the five seasons of Arrow. And as time progressed, it tuned out her irreplaceable skillset weren’t that irreplaceable at all. So why is she still here is a mystery and may continue to be.

The greatest concern of Arrow fans (and also me) is that Felicity is the reason Oliver has trouble realizing his true potential. Other than being the cliché damsel in distress, she has transitioned from being a clumsy yet lovable hacker into this nagging control freak ex-girlfriend who still thinks she holds some sort of remote control for Mr.Queen. Seriously, Oliver and Felicity had their time but now it’s just plain frustrating watching these two in this on again off again piece of crap relationship that has no chance of pushing the story forward.

1.Iris West


Photo: CW

The very avatar of annoyance, Iris West as a character lost its charm a long, long time ago. Be it Reverse Flash in season 1 or Zoom in season 2 or the very forgettable Savitar in season 3. In each and every damn episode all Iris was good at was preaching about something to someone of which she had literally no idea. Sometimes ( I guess knowingly coz she does that so freakin much), just to make herself feel important she will put herself into trouble. Barry will run and run to save her every day and while she will keep being the super-irritating damsel in distress. An entire season was just dedicated to how Iris allows other people to fight her fights rather than stand up for herself for once. And as a reward we lost the very lovable HR in her place(somebody call nekron : I want blackest night happening right freaking now)

I know being a woman with no superpowers in a crime fighting team full of metas would be tough. But that doesn’t give the show writers any right, at least not anymore, of providing her with absolutely zero character development throughout THREE-GOD-DAMN-SEASONS!!!!!!!






** Just die and let us enjoy our beloved shows coz our days are numbered and no one knows if heaven has Cable :)**