The First Order has a lot of soldiers. They number in the billions and trillions. Yet no one amongst the First order Storm Troopers stands out the way Captain Phasma does. She is badass and one of the most nefarious women of the Galaxy. If you like Gwendoline Christie, you will love Captain Phasma of the First order. Presenting 6 Dark Secrets about The Last Jedi’s Captain Phasma you never knew….

Her home planet is a radioactive wasteland

Phasma’s home world is called Parnassos. The planet once used to be full of lush greenery and full of natural resources. Then came Con Star Mining. They strip mined the entire planet and a radiation accident soon turned Parnassos into a nuclear wasteland.

She is one of the best First Order Snipers

Phasma was the one who lowered the shields of the Starkiller Base, and was responsible for its destruction. When the First Order tried looking for the traitor, Phasma found her scapegoat in Lieutenant Rivas. She chases Rivas the whole way until she killed him with some pretty impressive shots from a faraway distance.

She killed her own Mentor

Brendol Hux was  first Order General who saw the potential in a young woman on Parnassos. He took her under his wing and the Woman rose though the ranks pretty quickly. Phasma would later conspire with Brendol’s son to kill Brendol and take his position.

She is an expert in hacking

Phasma has an incredible zeal to learn new things and keep her skills updated on the battlefield. After she joined the First Order, the first things Phasma learned was Computer Hacking or ‘Slicing’. She became quite an expert in this area.

She had a pretty rough childhood

Phasma grew up in an irradiated wasteland where resources were scarce. Her family lived in a small village called the Nautilus. They were part of the Claw Tribe, one of the two dominant and rival tribes of the area, the other being the Scyre Tribe. Constant skirmishes for necessary resources toughened her into the woman she is today.

She killed her own Brother in cold blood

Captain Phasma is a being of no remorse. After eliminating her ancestral Claw Tribe in Parnassos, Phasma even single-handedly killed her own Scyre Tribe. She then proceeded to kill her own brother, the only guy who actually cared for her, under orders from the First Order. She showed no regret or hesitation while killing her own blood.