It has been almost a decade since the MCU and half a decade since the DCEU came into the theaters and swooped the fans right from under their feet. Everyone loves their superheroes. What they love more is seeing a live action movie that features them. DCEU and MCU answered fans calls. But many think the MCU has gone far ahead compared to the DCEU. We beg to differ with a simple question – Is the DCEU actually better than MCU right now after 6 DC movies being released?

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The Answer is a soft yes.

We are not saying the MCU sucks. It is the world’s most profitable movie franchise after all. It has given us masterpieces like the Avengers, Iron Man and The Winter Soldier. It has consistently scored where the DCEU has frequently faltered – critically and financially.

But there are fundamental flaws to the MCU franchise. First of all the MCU lacks access to the rights to their major superheroes – Spiderman not long ago belonged to Sony, Fox still owns the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. DCEU never had such a problem. They did not require to use B-list heroes to create afranchise. They used their flagship characters from the beginning.

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Apart from that they also have one weapon up their sleeve that Marvel still has yet to counter – A Female Centric Movie. Wonder Woman crashed records at the Box Office. Before that not even Marvel, which already has prominent female superheroes in the MCU lie Black Widow, thought a female led movie could work. Now all they could do is play catch up with Captain Marvel and an untitled Black Widow movie being planned.

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The DCEU with it’s first five movies has raked in more than $1.6 Billion USD at the box office. After the first 5 movies from the MCU being released, the franchise raked in $1.3 Billion USD when adjusted for Inflation. We are not saying the DCEU is in a better position right now. The Math is.

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So is the DCEU better than the MCU right now? You decide. While the MCU continues to rope in accolades and applause and standing ovations, the DCEU is still struggling to stand up straight. But time is a really peculiar little thing. If one does not mend the error of their ways, the tables may soon turn.