The Man of Steel isn’t called the Big, Blue Boy Scout for nothing. Superman is nothing without his ideals. Sure he will always have his powers but he loses being Earth’s symbol of hope the minute he forsakes his own conscience. The DC Comics is home to several such twisted abominations. Presenting 7 Alternate versions of Superman way Darker than him….


Overman was the result of Superman landing in Nazi Germany instead of Kansas. This version os Superman helped the Nazis win the war and eventually, the whole world. A Nazi Superman is something you should be scared of.


Superdemon is the Kryptonian Monstrosity of Earth 13. When Etrigan the Demon finds himself in a twist, his powers combine with the Kryptonian and the result is a magically enhanced World Ending maniac.


Eradicator is actually a sentient Kryptonian Supercomputer. After Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday, Eradicator is one of several people who take up the mantle of Superman. Eradicator’s version of justice is brutal and deadly.

Cyborg Superman

Cyborg Superman aka Hank Henshaw met with an accident in space and had himself transferred into a cybernetic suit of armor. As the Cyborg Superman, Hank tried to take out an entire city using a nuclear missile before he was stopped by a revived Superman himself.

Superman: The Dark Side

We know Superman can have a bad day but this version of Superman isn’t just bad, he is pure evil. Kal-El is now completely onboard Darkseid’s team. He wages war on civilizations and on New Genesis in his name.


Ultraman is the Superman of Earth 3 and the leader of an evil version of Justice League called the Crime Syndicate. As Ultraman, Kal-El has managed to transcend all levels of brutality and evil. He has conquered his home planet and turned the entire Earth into his playground.

Red Son

This Elseworlds tale imagines Superman growing up in the USSR instead of the USA. As the USSR excels in all fields of society with  his aid, Superman becomes a Big Brother like figure, watching over everyone and punishing anyone who shows signs of dissent.

Injustice Superman

In this alternate timeline, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane. Superman then finally snaps. He realizes the world is irredeemable and must be disciplined. And thus begins the events of Injustice, a world where Superman starts his global reign of tyranny.