We all love our friendly neighborhood superhero. Spiderman is the poster child of Marvel Comics. Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained the powers of imitating several of its abilities. Spiderman has been the staple of Superhero fiction for so long. Yet there are things about Spiderman that make absolutely no sense!!!

His Super Strength

Spiderman has been shown to stop a speeding locomotive, hold a ferry that has been split into two from falling apart and lift a car with ease. But the thing about Spider Man’s strength is that it keeps fluctuating. Spidey is as powerful as the writer wants him to be.

His Web Fluid

Spidey’s Web Fluid is the stuff of legends. Held in a miniscule canister in his wrist, it can instantly turn into a web sturdy enough to hold tons of weight in seconds. The Web also disintegrates into nothing after a few hours. Why wouldn’t Spidey patent this thing and earn millions???

His Career

Spiderman is one of the most Gifted minds of the Marvel Universe. But he always works as an underpaid Photographer for the Daily Bugle. Spidey has been seen working for Horizon Labs and even OsCorp. Why would he be so adamant on being a Photographer when he could do much more??

His Wall Crawling Skills

Spider Man’s most well known ability, he can crawl on any surface no matter how steep or slippery it is. But the thing about the Wall Crawler is that it makes no sense whatsoever!! How does Spiderman stick to the surfaces when his skin is covered with a spandex suit!!! The comics have failed to successfully explain this.

His Radioactivity

Spiderman was bit by a Radioactive Spider. So, he has radiation emanating out of his body at all times. His blood, his organ, his hair – are all radioactive to some degree. In Spiderman: Reign, Mary Jane’s death is credited to Spiderman making love to her. That’s right folks!! Spidey’s ‘Fluids’ are just as radioactive. I guess that’s another superpower.

His Spider Sense

Now this is Spidey’s signature ability. The ability to passively sense incoming danger is what helps this ability stand out. But Spidey Sense is flawed. It sometimes works like a low level ESP, warning Peter about nearby threats, while at other times it could even work like a radar of sorts, helping Peter know whether the gun the other guy is holding is empty or not.

His ability to talk to Spiders

It was like the writers wanted to ridicule him. Spiderman talking to Spiders is as absurd as Starman talking to the Stars or Wolverine talking to the Wolves. In one particular issue, Spiderman communicated with spiders to find out the location of some missing bo,bs. Ant Man would be so jealous right now!!