What happens when a Baratheon, a Clegane,  a Stark (or a Targaryen?), a Mormont, and a Wildling decide to enter the North? EPIC SHIT GOES DOWN!

The fifth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, ‘Eastwatch’, has yet again, successfully managed to keep the fans waiting for more with some brilliant plot lines and by polishing the old theories. To create an episode with such intricacy and drama, when the last episode literally had dragon and the Dothraki in it, must have been really difficult. From Rhaegar’s marriage to Robert’s Warhammer, this episode pretty much covered everything which is enough to satisfy fans for a week, and yet, leave them yearning for more. We have compiled 7 best things which happened in today’s episode, ‘Eastwatch’.

1. Jaime is alive

Perhaps, one of the biggest cliffhangers of all times. After last episode’s stupidity, Jaime and Ser Bronn have managed to find a way to King’s Landing, it seems. What irks me a bit is that Daenerys was stupid enough not to send a search party for Jaime Lannister, the man who killed The Mad King.

In today’s lesson, don’t charge straight towards a bloody dragon!

2. Cersei is pregnant

Another stroke of genius from yours truly, Cersei Lannister. The one true lioness who knows how to hold on to power, even if it means emotionally crippling your brother/lover. Now with another child, Jaime is bound to protect Cersei for some time now.

Well played, Lioness.

3. Daenerys shows a glare of The Mad King

It’s definitely true what they say about the Targaryens. When you burn down a father-son duo who are unarmed, you definitely don’t get the People’s Choice Award for best queen. That’s really an achievement because there is already a ruthless queen ruling the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister.


4. The return of Jorah the Andal

After getting rid of the juicy crust of pizza from his body, Jorah the Andal is finally back! Why let Jon win the brooding contest when we have the Mayor of Friendzone back?

Let me serve you my wife, err, I mean, Khaleesi.

5. Ours is the Fury!

Arguably, the best scene from this episode. Robert’s last living bastard, Gendry is finally back after rowing for 3 seasons. And guess what, he carries a bloody Warhammer! The stags are back in the game.

Than god, he did something productive instead of rowing.

6. Chaos is a ladder

It’s been some time since we last saw Littlefinger scheming and trying to climb the hierarchy. In today’s episode, Arya spies on Littlefinger to find out his secret plans. But in the end, it’s all a plan from the start by Lord Baelish himself. The hunter gets hunted.

What the hell is wrong with you Bran? TELL THEM EVERYTHING!

7. Jon Snow, the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms

Bend the knee, my ass

As if it was not obvious before, today’s episode marked two instances where Jon gets the rightful claim to the Iron Throne. The first one was established when Jon became the second person after Tyrion, who managed to pet a Dragon. The second one, establishes Jon’s legitimacy to the kingdom. While it was believed that Jon was born from an illegal wedlock of Rhaegar and Lyanna, it was proved wrong in today’s episode. Rhaegar secretly married Lyanna which gives Jon more legitimacy than his aunt, Daenerys.