2017 was the year of superheroes. Thor; Ragnarok, Justice League, Logan and Wonder Woman smashed the Box Office to pieces. But there were movies that were not as anticipated but also won the viewers’ heart and soul. They were no hollywood blockbusters but they were still as amazing as the rest.

7. Mudbound


Photo: Los Angeles Times

Mudbound is set in a post Civil War american town. An african american soldier rteurns from the army to see racism and segregation is very much alive in the town he grew up in. Mudbound asks a simple question – Is it okay to change the world or should you let the world change you?

6. Your Name

Photo: Funimation Films

Japanese Hand drawn animation at it’s finest, Your Name is not your regular anime movie. It tells the story of Taki and Mitsuha, two teenagers who start exchanging bodies suddenly through the barriers of space and time. Your Name is a beautiful tale of morals and the drive to do what’s right, whatever the cost.

5. Logan Lucky

Photo: The Telegraph

Adam Driver and Channing Tatum are two hillbillies who aim to make money by robbing the vault at the nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. The plan, the execution, the players are all hilariously green when it comes to burglary. The fun to watch movie is further bedazzled by Daniel Craig’s phenomenal supporting role.

4. Brigsby Bear

Photo: Imdb

Brigsby Bear can be termed as the comic representation of The Room. A young kid is kidnapped and raised by his kidnappers who lie to him everyday that the world has ended and they are the last of humanity. After the kid is saved, he goes on a journey to finish a task left unfinished by his fake dad to try and connect with his past.

3. The Lost City of Z

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

Charlie Hunnam stars in this criminally underrated movie involving one insane British Explorer’s quest to find the mythical golden city deep within the Amazon rainforests. The movie shows how familial obligations, ambitions and aristocratic hypocrisy can interfere with one man’s quest to fulfill his lifelong dream.

2. Super Dark Times

Photo: The Playlist

Super Dark Times is a movie that shows how traumatic experiences doesn’t just affect the victim’s life but everyone else around him as well. The pace of the movie is slow to begin with but it ends on a note no one would have ever expected it to. It is also the movie’s Director Kevin Philips’s directorial debut.

1. Wind River

Photo: Red Carpet Refs

As far as mystery thrillers go, Wind River is one solid piece of work. As an FBI agent and a wildlife officer try to solve the murder of a Native American woman in the Wyoming Wind River reservation, new twists and turns turn their world upside down. The movie also helps highlight the plight of Native Americans in 21st Century USA.