What would Batman do without his Utility Belt?!?! That is indeed the Million Dollar Question. Superman has his Cape, Wonder Woman has her Lasso, Batman has his belt. Batman’s Utility Belt is one of the most time revered items by nerds and geeks worldwide. It houses everything ranging from batarangs to miniature nuclear bombs. But there are times when the belt has stored things that are outright weird and strange, even for the Batman.


In Batman: Brave and The Bold, Batman’s utility belt has a specially designed belt buckle that can transform into a lightsaber. It’s more like a collapsible sword but who are we kidding.

The Bat Female Villain Repellant

In 2011, the Planetary/Batman crossover happened. A criminal was damaging the reality and Batman became a victim. Bruce started to change into the 60’s Adam West version of Batman and even sprayed the reality damaaging female villain with a female villain repellant.

Fake Vampire Teeth

Batman is a master of psychological warfare. The criminals are scared of him because he has maintained the myth of Batman being an Urban Legend. In Batman: Year 100, Batman plays into the superstitions of the criminal scum by using a set of fake Vampire teeth into making the others think he is indeed a true vampire.

Miniaturized Costume

Batman has a miniaturized version of his costume stored in his utility belt for emergency purposes. When water is added to the suit, it becomes a regular sized Bat Suit that Bruce can then wear into combat.

The Bat Handkerchief

The Adam West era Batman was surely a strange guy. Why would one design a Bat Handkerchief for himself? That is taking it a bit too far. Besides, he stores the Handkerchief in the same area he stores his Batarangs. those are some nasty germ laden Projectiles I must say.

The Bat Anti-Blast Powder

If you think Btasy doesn’t believe in Magic, think again. When the Joker and Catwoman get their hands on some gunpowder to blow up the local reserve, they draw the ire of the Batman. During the fight, the Gunpowder explodes but no one in the room is harmed. Why? Because Batman used the Bat Anti-Blast powder to cancel out the explosion of course!!

The Bat Fly Swatter

The Bat Fly Swatter is the most ridiculous thing to ever come out of the Utility Belt. Perhaps it comes in handy when Batman is in hot pursuit of Solomon Grundy in the swamps of Gotham City. But the idea of a Fly Swatter inside Batman’s Utility Belt is as laughable as it gets.