Just when the Earthlings thought they figured out the universe, Boom! We got another continent. Yep, heard it right. But rest assured, it didn’t just pop up over night. It was a gradual interpretation.

New Zealand calls a massive 1.8 million sq.mile land named as Zealandia, home. The idea of a new continent first surfaced in 1995 when Geophysicist Bruce Luyendyk first brought up the term Zealandia. New Zealand along with New Caledonia are considered neighboring territories of Australia, a part of Moniker Australasia. But a group of 11 scientists have been at it for the past ten years and have finally submitted the report saying the New Zealand, with other neighboring islands is lying on a completely separate continental crust and is officially large enough to be declared as a continent. They told the Geological society of America that declaring it as a continent not just adds a new name to the list but also has a scientific slant towards it. The continent being submerged and unfragmented opens up opportunities to study about the cohesion and breaking up of the continental crust. Hence it’s not just partly submerged continental fragments, it’s a coherent continent. This was found out based on various geological and geophysical evidence.

Although, geologists don’t consider Europe and Asia as different continents but a single continent as Eurasia, Zealandia will be the seventh for them. But for all the people out there, it’s the eighth one. So rejoice people, here’s to advancements in science.