After 27 years of slumber, Pennywise is set to rise again and terrorize the Loser’s Club. Stephen King’s die hard fans couldn’t be more excited. Just a few days ago, The Dark Tower released, and now following it is King’s bestseller It. The movie is R rated and promises to be scarier and bloodier than its 1990’s adaptation. So before you book your tickets for first day first show, we bring you 10 facts about Pennywise that you must know.

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1. It has variety of powers that include the ability to shapeshift, manipulate, and go unnoticed by adults.

facts about pennywise

Photo: WB

2. Pennywise rise every 27 years to prey upon local children of Derry, Maine.

2. Pennywise’s real name is Robert Bob Grey.

3. Pennywise originated in another dimension called Todash Space, which is space between different universes.

facts about pennywise

An artist’s impression of Todash Space. Photo: Pinterest

4. It arrived in our dimension via an inter-dimensional asteroid. The crash site later evolved in to fictional town Derry, Maine.

facts about pennywise

Photo: Shutterstock

5. It existed even before our universe was born.

6. It’s real form exists outside of our physical plane called Deadlights.

facts about pennywise

Photo: It (miniseries)

7. It’s arch-nemesis is The Turtle which is also an ancient being like It from another dimension.

facts about pennywise

An artist’s impression of The Turtle. Photo: deviantart

8. It is not one of its kind and A creature similar to It, called Dandelo, appears in King’s The Dark Tower anthology series.


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