The Scarlet Speedster is a well known superhero. Barry Allen was struck my lightning and pushed into a pool of chemicals that gave him super speed. But as diehard a fan you are, there’s always something about your favorite superhero you have definitely failed to notice. Presenting 8 insane facts about the Flash that will blow your mind…

Protective Aura 

When you run, you face air friction. Air is kind of the greatest enemy of acceleration inside the atmosphere. The faster you are, the more air friction you encounter. Luckily for The Flash, the Speed Force grants him a protective speed force aura when he runs. If not for the aura, Barry Allen would have burst into flames had he run.

Speed Force augmented Brain

When you are running at lightning speed through afternoon traffic, you gotta be fast on your feet. The Flash has to make split second decisions while he runs. He does that because the speed force not only gives him super speed but a super fast thought process.

Super Speed Healing

Super Speed healing is not the same as having a healing factor. A healing factor means the body first adjusts the body to the injuries and then heals it to as good as new. Super Speed healing means the body will heal regardless of the wound’s condition. A bone may not have been set but the Flash’s body will still heal it. The result is is pretty ugly.

Massive Appetite

The Flash has a metabolism so large it will put even the Hulk’s to shame. Every speedster’ body works at an accelerated state, so it uses up calories way too quicker than normal. The Flash has to keep replenishing his energy reserves with massive dosages of food otherwise he will become extremely weak.

‘Runs’ in the family

The Flash did not just become a speedster the day the lightning struck him. He also was mutated on a genetic level. His chromosomes are literally endowed with Speed Force genes. Barry Allen’s twins and his grand daughter from the future all exhibited sped force powers because of Barry Allen’s powers being passed onto the next generation.

Super Strength

Gravity takes a fraction of a millisecond to affect a body. If someone is fast enough to move an object from point A to point B before gravity can do its work, he/she can exhibit a version of super speed. Luckily, the Flash is fast enough.

One with the Speed Force

Barry Allen’s body is actually a conduit for the Speed Force. His body is like a Speed Force lightning rod that attracts and can also store Speed Force energy. One time, Barry Allen ran so fast that he surpassed his own limits. He had to access so much of the Sped Force energy that his body was sucked right into the Speed Force dimension.

He was the lightning that struck him and gave him powers

Barry Allen was working as a forensic scientist in the CCPD crime lab when he was struck by lightning and transformed into the Scarlet Speedster. But what most of us don’t know is that the lightning that struck Barry Allen that day was actually a time travelling Barry Allen himself.