“Egg, Face-huggers, Chest-bursters, then the Big Bad Boy.”, this is what Ridley Scott had to say when he was asked which all aliens are going to be in the new Alien movie, and oh boy! indeed all these aliens are back in action in  the latest Alien Covenant trailer. The Alien Saga is returning in all its insane glory with Ridley Scott himself at the helm. If we all can agree that Prometheus was not completely a disaster then it’s a really good thing that Ridley is attached to the project. The new trailer showed us several new footages from the movie and it was quite thrilling but it also raised a lot of questions which we seriously need an answer to (unlike what Prometheus did):

1. Where’s Elizabeth Shaw?


Elizabeth Shaw was the lead character in Ridley Scott’s 2012 movie, Prometheus, which was set in the Alien universe. The character played by Noomi Rapace is said to reprise her role in Alien Covenant. Noomi has shot weeks worth of footage with Scott, so it seems she will play an important role in the movie.

2. Is this Planet the real homeworld of the ‘Engineers’?


It is a valid question. After all the planet we saw in Prometheus was not their homeworld. In fact, Shaw left with David to go to the actual homeworld of the Engineers and since she’s making an appearance in this movie, this planet could be the Engineer’s homeworld.

4. Who’s the Hooded Figure?


The best guess should have been that it’s Elizabeth Shaw. The last time we saw her, she was leaving the planet in Prometheus to go to the Engineer’s homeworld along with the android, David. but a closer look makes it clear that it’s David.

5. Who planted Human Vegetation on a Distant Planet?


Yeah, I know. It was asked in the trailer itself and I have a possible answer. It could again be an indication to Elizabeth Shaw’s presence or even better, it could be a hint about this planet being the Engineer’s homeworld. After all, the engineer’s shared a common DNA with the Humans and it could definitely be their food.

6. Why the hell is no-one wearing any protective suit?!


This needs to be asked! After all Katherine Waterston’s character Daniels herself stated once that they have no idea what’s out there then how come the whole crew took no care and went out on this unknown planet without any protective gear or space-suit on. How can the first large-scale colonization mission crew be so careless?

7. Will there be any Engineers in this movie?


It doesn’t look like it. Ridley has gone back to the roots of the original series and making again a sci-fi horror flick with focusing more on the Neomorphs (the new name of the newly designed Xenomorphs). There could be nods to them but an appearance may not happen.

8. Is Walter anything like David?


In a recent interview, Michael Fassbender stated that the creators of the android David found his analytical perception of everything quite unnerving. So they downgraded him, made him more like a glorified butler, and named him Walter. Walter doesn’t think about stuff like David did, he’s just there to take care of the Covenant crew and help them.

So that’s all the big questions we had in mind about the next chapter in the Alien saga. We hope Ridley Scott did an even better job in making Alien Covenant than he did in making Prometheus.