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Back in 2013, beloved director Guillermo del Toro dropped one of the most fascinating science-fiction/monster movies in recent years. The thunderous applause with an increasingly loyal fan-base, thanks to del Toro’s previous classics like Hellboy and Blade, promised a sequel to Pacific Rim. With John Boyega and Scott Eastwood in the cast, Pacific Rim : Uprising is set to live up to the hype it has generated over the years.

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Pacific Rim : Uprising is a direct sequel to the prequel Pacific Rim. After the death of Stacker (Idris Elba), the innovative Jaegar program has evolved into the most powerful defense force in the history of human kind. The story introduces the son of Stacker Pentecost, Jake, who is portrayed by John Boyega. With the arrival of more dangerous and larger-than-before Kaijus, the Jaegars bear the sole responsibility of protecting the human race from imminent extinction.

One notable absence from the prequel is Raleigh Becket, who was played by Charlie Hunman. As per rumors, Hunman dropped the movie due to scheduling conflicts. Pacific Rim : Uprising has also some major changes which includes the distribution rights, which was previously controlled by Warner Bros., has now Universal Pictures at the helm. The music composer for Pacific Rim : Uprising, John Paesano (Marvel’s Daredevil) has replaced Ramin Djwadi. But, the most important change in the sequel is Steven S. DeKnight, who has replaced del Toro as the director. It might sound a bit unsettling for now, but, del Toro is heavily involved in the making of this movie.

Pacific Rim : Uprising is slated for March 23, 2018 release.