North Korea has been the news recently because of the announcement made by it’s dictator Kim-Jong-un, who said that they now are capable of Launching Nuclear Missiles. Intelligence Agencies say that North Korea might have enough radio Active substances for at least 10 Nuclear weapons. This is not the first Nuclear threat Kim-Jong-Un has given out. But we are now talking about the lesser known facts of North Korea.

How many of you know the fact that it is Year 106 in North Korea, and not 2017? That’s because North Korea uses their very own  ‘Juche Calendar’, which they have adopted in 1977. This calendar is based on the birth of Kim Il-sung, who was born on 15, 1912. he was the father of Kim-Jong-Il, and the grandfather of the present “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un. 1912, the year in which Kim-Il-Sung was born, is considered the first year, Juche 1. Months and days are the same as the Gregorian calendar, meaning 15 July Juche 102 is the same as 15 July 2013.

Now why did they do this? The answer is pretty simple. They wanted North Korea to be isolated and be cast away from rest of the world. They have implemented many more cruel laws and restrictions, and are successfully ruling the country at the verge of poverty, illiteracy, and famine,  the way they wanted it to be.

Recently, the youtube channel by the name “Asian Boss“, interviewed a couple of North Korean Defectors, who have narrated, with gory details, the lives of people in North Korea under dictatorship of a Kim Jong Un. You can watch the video here.

They talk about their life in North Korea Before they escaped, the Famine that killed 2/3rds of the population because the Government did not provide food for the people. They talk about how alcohol would cost as much as a meal for 5 people, and how plastic bottles seems like a god given gift. He also talked about how he almost lost his life trying to grab a plastic bottle while he was escaping the border.

They explain how people escape North Korea. The people have to cross either River Tumen or River Amnok, to get to china. But they have no boats, so they wait for the winter to dawn upon them, freezing the river, on which they walk to escape the country. But it isn’t that easy. There are soldiers hiding in underground holes near the rivers, who shoot at the refugees trying to leave the country. If you are caught more than three times trying yo escape, you are  Executed Publicly.

The public Executions are apparently very common. You steal a piece of Rope from Government, you are executed. You watch k-Drama, you are executed. You watch porn, you are executed. You apparently have to bolt all your doors, draw your curtains, throw a bed sheet over you and TV, to watch K-Drama, or Porn. If anyone reports you watching anything, literally ANYTHING ON TV, and you will be executed. Apparently, they provide electricity only a couple of times a year, so that people can watch their Supreme Leader Speak on TV.

The executions, are mandatory. Kids below 12 years are not allowed to watch an execution, but anyone above 12 are compelled by law to watch the execution. They executions are publicly announced,  and the victim, after being tied the scaffold, is shot at 5 times, Head, Neck, chest, waist, Knees, Ankles. It is such a gruesome scene to watch, and the victim will crumple down in the order they are shot at, and their brains sprayed all over, and worse yet, everyone had to watch it.

Now that Kim-Jong-Un is in power, if anyone tries to escape, their whole family, all 4 generations of them, will be executed, and hence, no one even tries to escape.

They talk about how White rice is a prized possession, and how only people who are celebrating their birthday are allowed a cup of white rice, because a kg of white rice is all they will be able to afford for a whole year.

Even the protests are not easily spread because there is no means of media coverage and traveling interstate will also require passes, and hence it is easy to put it down. And unlike everyone thinks, Market system exists in North Korea, and Under the veil of it all, it is just another capitalist country on the rise, with their ridiculous rules and restrictions.

Looking at all that makes me feel I’m better off here. Don’t you feel so too?