Supergirl or Kara Danvers or Kara Zor-El is the cousin of Clark Kent aka the Man of Steel. While Superman is the first person that come to mind when we hear Kryptonian, he is not unique. Supergirl is Superman’s equal in every way, perhaps even more. In some fields, Supergirl can literally outgun Superman. Peresnting 7 abilities of Supergirl that even Superman doesn’t possess….

Telepathic Immunity

Superman and Supergirl both possess Telepathic immunity depending on the continuity we are talking about. But in the most comic book issues, Superman is extremely vulnerable to psychic attacks while Supergirl has yet to be seen succumbing to it.


There are several versions of Supergirl. While the original one can vibrate her molecules to become invisible like the flash, another version of Supergirl called Matrix can become truly invisible just by concentrating hard enough.

Faster than Superman


Superman is shown travelling at multiple times the speed of sound and even at light speed on soem occassions. But he is not the fastest Kryptonian alive. Supergirl has almost always outrun Superman and reached to paces before he could.


Matrix has another superpower. While telekinesis exists passively in all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, it is very weak in nature. Matrix’s telekinetic powers are of another level which she uses to enhance her own strength or use as Telekinetic force beams.

Sonic Scream

On rare occasions, even Supergirl can scream the hell out of you. She scarcely uses this power. Supergirl can fill her super lungs with insane amounts of air and release it via a supersonic scream that can shatter steel.

Control over fire

When Linda Danvers was on the brink of death, Matrix bonded with her and gave her standard Kryptonian abilities. It was then revealed she is the avatar of the Earth born Angel of Fire and she has pyrokinetic abilities.

Shape Shifting

Martian Manhunter ain’t the only sheriff in town. Supergirl can shapeshift just like the Green Martian Superhero albeit at a much simpler level. Matrix, another version of Supergirl is basically protoplasmic goo that can take any form. She has taken the form of Supergirl but she can change it any time at will if she focuses hard enough.