Ganesh Puja – A widely celebrated festival in Hindu culture. When someone says Ganeshotsav, the first thing that strikes on one’s head is the massive Mandaps of Mumbai or the Gorgeous Decorations of Big Cities like Pune or Kolkata. In all that glittery, jittery shouts and screams of Ganpati Bappa Morya, one unknowingly ignores a quiet city in the eastern flank of the subcontinent.

The City of Bhubaneswar may not be one of the best in the Country but it has silently developed a fierce reputation when it comes to celebrating Ganesh Puja. They may not be widely known or recognized but the artistry of these shamianas is still worth a glance.

1.Saheed Nagar

This idol is 18 feet tall and attractive. It has 21 faces of Ganapati Deva and 42 hands. To take a close look and admire its beauty, one has to pass through a large crowd and when near it, you would be nothing but amazed.

2.Usha Lok Puja, Master Canteen

Usha Lok committee is one of the oldest committees in Bhubaneswar organizing Ganesh Pujas in the city since time immemorial. Here Lord Ganesha can be seen sitting on a tiger which is the vahana of Goddess Durga. This indicates that God takes various incarnations to fight the odds in the world so that the truth stands victorious every time.

3. Ashok Nagar, Janpath

Personally, this was the most beautiful pandal I came across. The idol was made of decorative silver colored beads and the lighting made it appear even more alluring. Several bells were hanged to give the whole pandal a divine look and feel.

4. Dynamic Club, Forest Park

This pandal is placed in the forest park area of the city. As you can see here Ganapati Bappa is sitting on a throne like a king. On His left side is Goddess Saraswati and to His right was Goddess Laxmi.

5. Old Town

Here Lord Ganesha wears a blue turban and has intentionally sculpted to have big ears. Big ears of the idol depict that He listens to prayers of all His devotees and fulfills their wishes. The beautiful face of Vignaharta would leave anyone stunned.

These were some of the most attractive and talked about shamianas in Bhubaneswar. More than 100 dazzling puja pandals with decorative lighting in the city set the festive mood. Sadly, I could not cover every one of them. The celebrations this year have been in full swing. The people had been beaming with devotion for the Tusked God of Knowledge.

So the next time someone says Ganpati Bappa Morya, Show those losers this list 😉


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