Afterlife (Orb theory)

When we talk about death we usually think of a peaceful heaven or unending suffering in hell. Some others also say that people don’t go to heaven or hell but continue living in our world with us but in a “realm”, which is too far to communicate with, but close enough to catch rare glimpses of and this “realm” is called the second world and the inhabitants are called “dwellers” or more popularly “ghosts”. Alongside these speculations, we get a load of theories, one of them is The orb theory.

The concept of an “afterlife”

People who think logic is the key to everything usually dismiss these theories as “fallacies” or “irrational musings” but just like the Schrodinger’s cat, we can’t agree or disagree with the statement “the cat is dead” or “the cat is alive” without checking for ourselves or being shown proof backing the statement. While we are given some reports that the “second world” doesn’t exist and that the supernatural is nothing but lies, there have also been countless studies done on various things which gave absolutely no logical reasoning to an occurrence, and we are gonna talk about one of those.

The Orb theory.

There is a theory which very few people know of. It starts like any other theory, completely all over the place but as we continue reading it we feel as if it makes complete sense.
The theory goes something like this.

The human soul exists (vague but put straight on the table before you) but it doesn’t exist in the form that we think it does. We usually picture the soul as a whole being in itself, because that makes the most sense it was in a whole form while it was residing in the human body so it is supposed to stick together in the same way after it departs too. But, what if it wasn’t a whole being to even begin with?. Maybe it is made up a whole bunch of little things like ions in an atom? maybe something like orbs?. Balls of light which hold a special power and when a person is born an irregular amount of these orbs enter into the body, some absorbed from the parents and some absorbed from all over the world.

I’ll try to explain it in a easier way to understand.

When a person is born, he is as blank as a white canvas, untouched and pure. But for him to form a soul he starts absorbing all the orbs surrounding him mostly from his parents and some which were floating around aimlessly. Each orb he absorbs paints a little bit of his canvas till he absorbs as much as he can, but do these orbs all stay together till the person dies?. No. As a painting fades, the orbs too start to leave the body gradually we call it growing up , but in reality, it’s the qualities which we lose when an orb leaves. We try to remember the fun times we had with the skill we possessed but just aren’t able to recreate it and soon enough, we give up.
Which is entirely the opposite of what we should be doing!. When the orbs sense distress from the host they gather energy to bring back the orb that left or at least absorb an orb which can fill the void(this is extremely rare but is known happen) through various ways like meditation and other soul-uplifting routes.

But here comes the tricky part.

The number of orbs in the world has remained the same since the start of time itself. When the human race first was starting to flourish, there were more than enough for everyone but as the human race grew the number of orbs needed to fill a person can’t be found abundantly leading a person, to not have enough color to paint that canvas thus leading to the human race losing their artistic touch and curiosity much earlier than their older generations and along with this something else too started to decrease, human compassion. When the orbs leave a person a little bit of what makes them human leaves and what makes a human the most human is his ability to feel compassion towards others without being selfish, which has become very rare in the modern times.

The orbs control our emotions, our abilities, our likes and our the hatred. There have been a few studies done on this theory saying that the orbs are actually gamma particles which make up the body and slowly disperse as the body ages but as for now we can only call this a theory.


 What are your thoughts on this theory?. Do you think that this theory is absolute bogus? or, does this theory makes way more sense than any other afterlife theories out there on the internet. Should I make a follow up of this with some more of my thoughts on this topic?
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