The retail giant Amazon has been known to slight Google in the past. Instagram knockoffs and launching their own personalized search engines were just the beginning. The Cold war between the two media giants – Amazon and Google just got bigger. Amazon has decided to hit Google where it hurts the most – YouTube services.

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Amazon is set to launch its own streaming services termed the AmazonTube as a new jab at Google’s YouTube – World’s largest video streaming website. The trademark request was filed on December 5 with the filing outlining an app for “transmitting, accessing, receiving, uploading, downloading, encoding, decoding, streaming, broadcasting, sharing, displaying, formatting, manipulating, organizing, book marking, tagging, storing, caching, and transferring electronic works.” So the app basically can help you access videos, books, movies and documents right in your phone or tablet.

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A thinly veiled attempt by Amazon to say FUCK YOU GOOGLE!!!

The war between the two internet giants is in full swing. Amazon still does not sell Google’s Chromecast devices in their retail website. Apple products are listed but not the Chromecast. Amazon’s Fire TV has now been given access to Mozilla Firefox but Google Chrome is still not compatible. Amazon has also been rumored to withhold its Amazon Prime Services from Google’s Chromecast and the Amazon Echo knowingly been boycotting YouTube from its accessible websites list. Amazon-Tube is just the tip of the iceberg fellas.

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The company has known to use cheap ripoffs as marketing strategies in the past. They once created weird Snapchat like filters strictly for Amazon Customers. They even tried to divert traffic from Flipkart, a major Indian E-Commerce giant, with a fake website.

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Is the AmazonTube another attempt by Amazon to garner attention? Maybe. The retail giant is hardly concerned wit internet traffic since they are one of the leading websites of the world. But there may be a silver lining here. Bandwidth starved services like Netflix, Giphy and Slack could all benefit from a separate web service. Hell even the Amazon Fire Stick users could gain a lot from this with the new video streaming  site slated for release in 2018.

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But the only question that remains to be answered – Is this just another PR stunt like it has always been or will Amazon actually go forward with this and break tradition?