The most anticipated graphic card from AMD is now available for purchase. AMD’s Vega can reportedly go toe to toe with Nvdia’s Titan cards and even outperform them. The air cooled model of this card is available for $999, while the liquid cooled version is $1499.

But apparently, this card is not exactly designed specifically for gamers. It seems like AMD is mostly focused on content creators, and the company has even encouraged gamers to wait for the Vega RX series.

Reportedly, AMD is also including dual mode drivers for the card, which means it can easily be flipped from pro applications like CAD and computing tasks over to video game acceleration.

Right now, not many of the tech websites have got the hands on experience of the card so wait for some  testing before it’s trusted with a professional workflow.

Right now, NewEgg has a pre-order listing for the card that says the release date is June 29th.