Adapting a novel is always a tricky affair. On the one hand, you have diehard followers who’d love for you to stay true to the source, but on the other, you need to make the series more welcoming to the newbies. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green hit all the right notes with their adaption of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The first season of the series had only 8 episodes, and like every great show on television, it ended on a high. A show which only gets better from the first episode, we give you four great reasons why you must binge this epic piece of television ASAP.

*No Spoilers Ahead*


Bryan Fuller’s grotesque brilliance is no more a secret, due to another one of his excellent creations, Hannibal. And in American Gods, too, he’s managed to keep his magic intact. The show exhibits everything we love about Hannibal, visually, and builds on it. The ultra slow-mo shots, occasional oversaturated clips, and the brilliant use of perspectives make the series one of the most visually pleasing shows you’d ever find.

American Gods

The Famous Bilquis Scene, you gotta see it to believe it.

Because The Actors Are So Damn Good

Plots, visuals, background score each has their own significance when it comes to creating an engaging atmosphere for the viewers, but it’s the actors who tie them all up. American Gods has one of the sharpest casts on television right now, each of them capable of producing moments of magic. Mr Wednesday(Ian McShane) and the protagonist, Shadow Moon’s(Ricky Whittle) chemistry is one of the best things the show has on offer. Then there is the sensational Gillian Anderson, try keeping your eyes off her, I dare you. But the standout performer for me has to be Emily Browning, never have I seen a dead girl be so convincing. Casting on point? Absolutely.


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We are in the golden era of television right now, there’s a show or two for everyone. There are shows focusing on the harsh reality, and then there are shows doing the complete opposite of it, dwelling in absurd fantasies. American Gods embraces the latter, and embraces it really well. Fuller and Green didn’t hold back in their debut season, and things will only get weirder from here on. A show ridden with blood, sex and some more blood, if you crave something weird and exciting, this show will most certainly fit the bill.

Nope, that’s totally not absurd.


Dialogues & Faith

Every great show has some awesome dialogues which stay with the viewers for the rest of their lives. These dialogues make a good show feel epic, and American Gods certainly has plenty of those spine-tingling “oh my god! he deserves an Emmy just for this” moments.

American Gods

Mr. Wednesday, humble as ever.

But the best thing the show is how it challenges our faith. Our faith in digital media and how dependent we’ve become. It’s the struggle of old versus new, and the truth under it.

Four reasons don’t do justice to the epicness of this show but should be enough to get you started. So, hop on to Amazon Prime, and enjoy this absurd, visual delight.