The All American Rejects or AAR as we used to call them are a band that most of us link to nostalgia. The band popularly known for tracks like “Dirty Little Secret”, “It Ends Tonight” and “Swing, Swing” released two new singles. The tracks going by the names “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes” bring the back from a hiatus (if you ignore their track from 2015) and I’d say they did a pretty decent job.

The Tracks:

Out of the two, my favorite is definitely “Sweat” because it has retained the essence of the band i.e. the lead going hand in hand with upbeat drums and kinda corny lyrics followed with some cool riffs. Around 2:10 is where the nice part of the song begins and yeah, if you’ve heard of the All American Rejects you really wouldn’t question anything. If you’re new to the All American Rejects I can’t assure any liking towards them but for the ones who’ve heard them since childhood, this is just brilliant stuff!

The new album will be released later this fall. In the meantime the songs are here, on this post, both via YouTube and Spotify, so have you pick.