Bollywood has always been able to surprise me from time to time. It has its fare share of stupid movies which might be actually our fault as the audience. We prefer to watch movies based on which famous star it is casting instead of the actual content. It has always happened because we are never ready to pay attention to the good things offered to us by the great talents in this country. We have never been able to appreciate something nice but I didn’t want that to happen in the case of ‘ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES’.

Angry Indian Goddesses is not just just a movie. Its the truth about the social situation of women in our country and it brings it to our attention beautifully without losing its appeal as a movie. This movie was the first ever entry by Director Pan Nalin in the mainstream hindi cinema and he did a terrific job with his astonishing direction. I expect more quality movie like this from him in the future. The movie is the first ever female buddy film in Bollywood and does it with a bang.

The credit for this brilliant movie should go to the leading ladies who left a huge impact with their superb acting. The natural interaction the characters have on screen felt realistic and was lovely to watch. Every character left her own mark on the movie and makes you root for each one of them. The brilliant acting and the incredible direction made this one of the best bollywood movie of the decade. I can’t explain the several emotions I felt during its small runtime. From making me laugh to making me cry, this movie does it all. The way it shows the terrible mindset of the Indian society is spot on and makes you wonder and act on it. Life of a woman is hard and that too in the Indian society and we are doing nothing about it other than playing blame games. Does a movie do a better job in bringing this to our attention than we as human and part of the society? Yeah, It does!

Witnessing these angry indian goddesses on screen was anincredible experience and I am never going to forget it. It will please you with its amazing storytelling and the amazing way this movie brings in social issues into the mix. This movie is must watch for everyone and shouldn’t be missed at any cost. 🙂

Angry Indian Goddesses REVIEW: A Beautiful Life Experience
Angry Indian Goddesses is a light-hearted and delightful movie which doesn't holds back in delivering its strong message.
Music & Sound Effects73%
Cinematography & Special Effects97%
Entertainment Value80%
Thumbs Up
  • strong script
  • admirable characters
  • great cinematography
Thumbs Down
  • very short runtime
85%Overall Score
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