Are you in a dire need of some new Anime with a mature plot? Then here is a list of some top anime in mature category:

1. Occult Academy


If you enjoy deep mythos, aliens and time travele then you’ll like this show. The show follows a time traveler sent back to the year 1999 to find a “key” which was used to open a portal between dimensions in 2012 that helped aliens  invade the planet. The key is located to be somewhere around “Waldstein Academy”, and the time traveler must work with the young headmaster of the school to investigate occult occurrences and find the key before it’s too late. The characters are likeable, the story is not dragged and ends in just 13 episodes.

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

2. Hajime no Ippo


People don’t tend to take interest in sport anime much. However, Hajime no Ippo is just fantastic. There’s so much more to this anime than just the sport of boxing. There’s a lot of wonderful character development and comedy mixed in. In fact, this anime’s strongest selling point is the way characters develop over time. I’d recommend this if you want an inspiring, heartfelt and charming story with likeable characters. It is also considered among best anime series of all time.

Genre: Sports, Comedy

 3. Space Dandy


This is similar to Cowboy Bebop but it’s a full fledged comedy. Space Dandy is insane and doesn’t cares about continuity. The series is about an alien hunter called Dandy. He travells with a robot and a cat-otter hybrid creature named Meow. These three dimwits go through space on epic and funny adventures which will make you roll on the floor.

Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction

4. Future Diary


This anime is a psychological thriller. Everything about this anime is bonkers except the main character, Yukiteru. The story follows Yuki, a loner who spends most of his time writing in his diary but one day he ends up in a Battle Royale like tournament to see who will be the next god of SPACE AND TIME! Yuki gets forced to fight for his life against 12 other people who can now predict the future in a strange and unique way.

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Suspense

5. Welcome to the N.H.K.


This show is a black comedy. It seems really light hearted and hilarious but soon shows its darker side. The story follows Tatsuhiro Sato, a university drop out who’s been unemployed for four years. He’s basically a shut in and has fabricated a conspiracy. One day, a girl appears, wanting to “cure” him of his shut in ways. The story then goes on to explore how Sato interacts with modern society, how characters can deal with depression, isolation and even goes on to explore Japanese subcultures.

Genre: Black comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance

6. Rorouni Kenshin


 Rorouni Kenshin is a brilliant adventure tale. The story is about a wandering samurai who is trying to protect the people of Japan but has also taken a vow to never kill anyone.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy

7. Monogatari


This anime is too weird. The main character used to be a vampire but turned back to normal. The series follows him finding other people who have supernatural powers and helps them in getting rid of it. The animation is gorgeous and the story is weird but very interesting. The execution of the show is very clever and well thought out.

Genre: Occult Detective, Romantic Comedy, Supernatural

You can easily find these anime online on several free anime sites or even download them from free anime download sites because they are worth having. Also checkout my other popular anime lists.