Before watching any anime, people need to understand that cartoons and anime are totally different things. Nobody realizes that most of the animated shows they used to love as kids like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, Digimon or Beyblade were anime and not cartoon. Anime are Japanese animated shows which have a wide range of categories and are not solely for children whereas cartoons are American animation which is more focused on children as their major audience. Anime has always been focused on the plot and sharp character designs made with latest animation techniques whereas cartoons usually prefer to be comedies to make children laugh or filled with crude humor and awkward animation designs for adults (I know there are some great exceptions to these facts). So, if you enjoy watching TV shows a lot or have ever enjoyed any anime I mentioned above then you should definitely follow my anime watching guide and get some brilliant anime to watch.


1. Change your opinion that animated stuff is mainly for kids: Anime is the lifeline of Japanese television and they produce content which are meant for all kinds of audience. From romantic dramas to gut wrenching gore which can put small kids in trauma! XD Anime has all kinds of genre to offer. So, relax and don’t give a f**k if somebody says you are still watching cartoons cause they have no idea what they are talking about. Trow this anime watching guide in their face.

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2. Start with some good English dubbed anime: Usually Anime lovers outside Japan prefer to watch anime subbed rather than dubbed because dubbing is usually done very badly. Though there are some exceptions which beginners can watch and enjoy. Some awesome anime with good dubbing are: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death note, One Piece, Hellsing Ultimate, Steins;Gate


3. Try moving on to subbed Anime: There are too many great anime out there which are even better than most live-action TV shows but are usually dubbed with voice actors who don’t know proper voice acting or they are not dubbed at all. To get engaged into subbed anime you need to start with shows which become intriguing in a minute or two as it starts. When you slowly adjust to subs, you can start exploring new anime on your own and won’t face the problem of not getting the dubbed version. Good subbed anime which doesn’t have slow paced start and will becoming intriguing as soon as you start it are: Parasyte- The maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, Hunter X Hunter, One Punch Man, Akame ga Kill

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4. Plural of anime is anime only!: Yeah, In case you start enjoying anime, never mention to any of your anime lover friend that you have started watching ‘Animes’ because they will bore you to death lecturing that it’s just Anime and not animes(Believe me XD).

5. Shows you definitely need to watch if you start watching subbed anime: Attack on Titan, Hajime no Ippo, ERASED, Gurren Lagann, Claymore, Psycho-Pass


This is a good enough anime watching guide for now to get anyone started. I will continue posting about new anime to look out for and some more suggestion lists for everyone. Do comment and share if you liked this post 🙂