Apple AirPods: At Apple’s annual September keynote event, a lot of major things were announced: new camera features, a shiny new phone, an app starring Mario, and – most notably – the elimination of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and introduction of Apple AirPods, Apple’s new wireless earbuds.

This last announcement, however, is a legitimately awful idea. Here’s why:

1. You’re going to lose Apple AirPods IMMEDIATELY:


Right now, you probably lose track of your earbuds at least once per day, and they’re connected with a long, white wire to make for a pretty cohesive, obvious thing. Remove the wires and now you have two separate tiny marbles – meaning you can lose each Apple AirPods INDIVIDUALLY…and you are DEFINITELY going to do just that, on a pretty much daily basis.

Hell, even if you remember to keep the Apple AirPods each in the same place, you will almost definitely have a ton of trouble finding them, because there’s no longer a long wire sticking out to make their location clear.

Note: yes, they come with a case that you can charge them in, but that’s almost just ANOTHER separate thing for you to lose track of. What used to be one simple thing (Apple earbuds) is now a 3-item nightmare where losing any item could ruin your day.

2. They’re going to run out of battery RIGHT in the middle of your day


Apple claims that Bluetooth Apple AirPods have a battery life of 5 hours – and if that’s what Apple is claiming at the outset, you KNOW it’ll actually end up being a bit less, especially after extended use. 5 hours is…pretty bad. If you’re going on a long flight or even on a quick walk around the block, you might end up without them because you forgot to recharge them. CHARGING YOUR EARBUDS IS NOT A THING YOU’RE USED TO DOING.

You know how much battery life your current Apple earbuds have? LITERALLY INFINITE.

…well, okay, just as long as whatever the battery life on your iPhone. But that’s still pretty good.

3. One’s going to fall out of your ear and onto something gross


If you’re not good at taking care of your possessions then you will probably hate it whenever it falls outta your ears from time to time. With your iPhone Apple earbuds no longer tethered to your phone, these things are going to fall out ALL THE TIME.

And they’re definitely going to land someplace gross.

4. Apple AirPods cost SO MUCH for something you’re definitely going to lose or break immediately


The price that has been announced is $160, that’s almost 11000 in Rupees! and it will obviously be higher when it comes to India. Who the hell would like to buy something so expensive when they are more likely to lose it. It does not sound very appealing.

5. Wireless Apple AirPods look stupider than regular iPhone earbuds


Normal Apple earpods look kinda silly – tiny little things you jam into your ears and connect to your phone. They don’t look cool, but at least they don’t look like something dripping from you ears. You question you self like Do earbuds come with iPhone 7? My answer is NO. What about your Reviews about Apple AirPods innovation.